Friday 25 December 2020

To You Mum xx

Mum always made Christmas special, from when we were little until last year. I will be remembering her today and raising a glass to her. She wasn't a drinker, but she would have had her coffee!
As a girl guide with her friends. She is so little! The other photo is of her and Vera, her sister, who was even littler! Also a cat.
This is from a visit to an art fair they hold in Lenham where my Dad lives. It is in a lovely old barn, and we visited a number of times. This is my sister and her husband. Jane and Mum look very dramatic!
This is in a pub in Lenham.  Mum with my brother. I love this photo.
This is Mum's 80th birthday cake, made by the daughter of one of her closest friends. She loved it because it had all her favourite things on-a bike, a cat and painting. This photo was taken at the time. When we were sorting out Mum's house, I found it still in the cupboard, covered with a bowl and foil. She obviously could not bring herself to get rid of it or eat it. It made me cry (again!) and I brought it home. I meant to take photos and get rid of it but I just couldn't, so it is in the storage place wrapped up well. I will deal with it one day, and I think I will probably keep the little Mum and cat.
This last one is from a recent Christmas at my brother's. Mum looks like she is about to laugh. A good look! 
Have a peaceful Christmas xx


Fresca said...

What a wonderful mum!
I can feel how you must miss her on this Christmas.

I love how she is looking at us from the photo with your brother,
and again the last photo--is she about to laugh about the remote controls (which I always have trouble with...)?

To have lived a life that earned such a cake---that is a good life.
And to have had such a daughter as you--a gift to the world.

A blessed Christmas to you, Andy, and cats.

Linda Sue said...

Raising a cup of Joe for Jean, i will keep her in my heart as long it beats. Love to you and Andy and Antony. Always in that special place within me where I keep the good stuff.
I, too, have a thing that my mother kept because it was too good to eat. A tin of shredded coconut from 1952. Not even close to your Mother's amazing cake, utterly charming, even more so because she kept it in tact under a bowl in the cupboard. I would have wept , too. So dear.
LOVE surrounds you, always.

Sarah said...

Thank you both xx

Steve Reed said...

What a sweet post. I know it must be difficult and strange to have Christmas without her. It's amazing that she saved her cake!

Sarah said...

Thanks Steve. Yes I know!

River said...

Lovely photos and that's a fabulous cake, so well made.

Shell said...

I love that cake! I know the holidays are hard when our loved ones aren't here. I am sure your mom is smiling down on you, happy to see you still moving forward with your life despite your grief