Thursday, 15 January 2015


I walked a different way in Bethnal Green today. 
 I found this building. An old bath house. It is now flats. Just up the road is a building with signs saying it sells second hand work wear, blankets and other intriguing things. I didn't get that far as I had to go back to school but might look tomorrow.
 I must go to Bethnal Green one weekend for a proper walk around as I only ever have short walks. There is so much to see there.


Linda Sue said...

I met Esa in Bethnal Green when there last but did not get a chance to walk around very much. Maybe we can do that if you think it is worthy when I arrive in June! Still thinking that an IBIS in London is the cheapest...not much more than a bedsit BUT location is great and it is clean...Can't wait!Curious to know what lies beyond the bath house! the promise of "used" anything sounds good!

Steve Reed said...

It's a great neighbourhood. I'm going to try to go this weekend, actually, to photograph that dragonfly graffiti you found opposite the Subway sandwich shop! (I hope it's still there!)