Thursday, 22 January 2015

Another Walk and a Dog on a Bike

I was lucky enough to finish work quite early tonight, so I walked up to the workwear place I found last week to take some photos. It is a warehouse inside and looks like a busy place. I then decided to keep walking in the same direction. It was an interesting street with graffiti/street art, tattoo parlours, a shop called 'Duke of Uke' that sells ukeleles and all sorts of little arty shops and vintage clothes shops. It joins Brick Lane, so now I have a better mental map of the area and how it all connects. Then, at the point where I joined Brick Lane, there was a great junk shop which I spent a happy 20 minutes in, coming away with  a lady on a donkey doll, and a lady on a sledge,  pretty, wintery figurine. There is no helping me. Then I walked back around and joined Bethnal Green  Road to go back to the tube. 

This is the end of the street-Cheshire Street I discovered. I love how the street signs in this area are in Bengali and English. 
 This is back near Bethnal Green Road.
 As I walked out of this street I crossed in front of a woman stopped at the traffic lights on her bike. It was only when I had passed her that I saw her cute little dog sitting patiently in a box on her carrier. So dangerous but so cute. Reminded me of Amsterdam. I wasn't quite quick enough to get a good photo but you get the picture.
The blur makes him look as if he has wings!


Tammie Lee said...

wonderful to have a glimpse of your wandering. the shops sound like shops i would enjoy. the paintings on the buildings are interesting as well. thanks for sharing your world.

Steve Reed said...

It DOES look a bit dangerous for that poor little dog! But I'm sure he/she loves the ride.

Some of those street art pieces have been up for ages -- the RUN piece on Grimsby, the three-eyed cat. It's nice to see them lasting so well.

snoopydogknits said...

So sweet! It used to be a lot more common, years ago, to see dogs in the baskets of bikes, or with their heads out of windows in cars. Lovely! Ros