Sunday, 18 January 2015

River Tourist

We went to this exhibition of photos from the RPS archives at the Science Museum yesterday. It was very good. Did some sketching as a result.We came back on the Thames Clipper. 

 Love the colours of this boat. 

 My Dad taking the same pictures as me. 

 Lambeth Palace. 
A lot of the pictures are taken through a not very clean window, hence the smeary effect, Looks a bit like a filter I might use in photoshop.

 I like the way the boat window frames this one. 
 HMS Belfast.

 I love the colours in the windows of this building. Purples, blues and greens-like oil on water.
 The river side of the warehouses I walk past in Wapping.
 The man in charge of the rope is very accurate with his throwing of the loop when the boat moors, and makes a lovely neat coil when we set off again.

Nearly home. We parked at the O2 in the morning. It was much more fun coming back along the river than on the tube!

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Steve Reed said...

Definitely a much more scenic route than the tube!

I got out to Bethnal Green yesterday morning and found those pieces -- thanks for the directions! I'll post my pics tomorrow.