Sunday, 11 January 2015

More Felt Animals

I have now made three of the patterns from the book and have nearly finished a fourth-a dog. 
The rhino is satisfyingly fat with added wrinkle detail. He is two greys, with a darker grey for his underneath. The cleverest thing about this pattern was the way the horn is wrinkled up-by drawing the thread tight before adding the end of the horn. 

The camel has glass eyes. In the book it says to glue the felt over the top of the eye before sewing the eye in by pulling the thread to the back of the head. I did mine by sewing the felt over the eye onto another piece of felt with the wire pushed through both. Then I twisted it at the back and covered it once it was pushed into the head. I sewed the whole eye construction piece on as a whole. I made him a saddle from a scrap of sari fabric and pompoms.

The skull below is my first go at making my own pattern. It more or less worked, with some minor adjustments. I am going to try a pig next. 
The skull I drew is from Greenwich market. It has interesting jagged rings around the base of the antlers. I am not sure what sort of deer it is. 
 The stool and the chair are both from a local church jumble sale. The chair is from a few years ago and the stool from yesterday. It cost £1 which I thought was very reasonable! I also got three shirts and a green moleskin  coat for 50p each. I couldn't get near the bric-a-brac!

The string on the floor is for the cats!


Linda Sue said...

Another job well done! Brilliant, these are. Especially impressed with the camel, very life like! Score on the stool and chair, lovely colours! I have been needle felting lately , so time consuming! I am going blind....

Louise said...

Love your felt animals. And the stool!

Steve Reed said...

Once again, these turned out great!