Monday, 12 January 2015

Wandering in Wapping

I worked in Wapping today. I rang at seven and there was no work. Then one of the agency staff rang me back at eight ( I had nearly fallen asleep on the settee) and told me I was already booked. I was convinced they hadn't sent me the email but I was wrong. I got the booking on the eighteenth of December and somehow failed to write it down. I managed to get there by 9.15 though and had a lovely day in the nursery. We made paper flowers, and I learned how to sing most of Incy Wincy Spider in Spanish! I also got the chance for a wander both at lunchtime and after school. It was mild, blustery and rainy today. I quite like that kind of weather. Especially for walking near the river and round the cobbled streets of this area. 
 I think this is St Katherine's Dock. It is very near to the Waitrose I bought my lunch from. It makes me think of Norway. (Not that I have been-but what I imagine parts of Norway to look like) All the houses on the left had sweet names such as Swan Cottage, Rose Cottage, Heron Cottage and Lighter Cottage. The names were engraved on little slate plaques.
 I don't get tired of views of Tower Bridge. I am not entirely sure I like the Shard though. It is impressive but looks weirdly out of proportion.
 Someone seems to have written 70 in chalk under this beautifully painted version. 
 I loved the name and the glowing lights in the gloom. 
 Interesting patterns of wire and iron against the sky.
Last-but my favourite-this row of primary coloured chairs and tables outside a cafe. Primary coloured primary school desks in fact! I wonder if there was anything in them. Probably some dried gum.


Steve Reed said...

I haven't spent any time in that part of town. I love the chairs!

busybusybeejay said...

How are you enjoying supply teaching?It must be less stressful than your previous job!

Leenie said...

I always enjoy your photo tours.