Thursday, 5 April 2012

Weird Day

I met my friend today, and we had not arranged anything much. As it turned out, she needed to buy a new tv, as everything has gone digital as from the fourth of April, and she had a very old one. She also needed a laptop. So you can imagine how long it took in Comet sorting all this out, and a stand, and cover, and plugs and screen cleaner. An unbelievable amount of stuff to go with it all. So it was a relief to get out of Comet, and get to Greenwich for a little trawl around the market and a tasty lunch. Below is the current state of the site the old second hand market was on. It is now a massive hole in the ground. These Sesame Street coathangers caught my eye. They look quite impractical though.These birds are silhouettes cut from paper and stuck onto the wall of the café where we had lunch. It does a delicious all day breakfast with top quality ingredients, and also lovely cakes. I think it has music in the evenings, though I have not been.
My love affair with weird things I have no idea what to do with continues. The billiard balls are lovely, very tactile and were three for a pound! I love little cases and boxes. The bird was bought with Forest School in mind, but also because I just like it. I also bought a sheep and a small iron bedstead. Oh, and a beautiful knackered lacquered box. (How often do you get the chance to rhyme those two words?!) It looks like it should be shiny, but has this soft leather like appearance, and gold cranes flying across it.
Easter weekend now, so Andy is off work which is good. We are having a quiet weekend though, with not too much planned. I do have to clear out my shed, as my brother is coming up on Tuesday to kindly sort out the roof. Hopefully it won't take me too long!


Unknown said...

I agree the coathangers are cut but do look impractical.

Love your purchases, not sure about the billiard balls though, I guess you have a billiard table, or am I being just too practical.....

Tracy said...

LOVE your magpie ways, Sarah... It's always such fun to see what you turn up with, and what you to with them! Those bird silhouettes are lovely! TV went digital last year here. Out TV is an old klunker, but were able to get a converter box and still able to view. I suppose we'll have to get a different TV before long though. We don't watch much television. Anyway, lovely to catch up with you. Wishing you & yours a restful, relaxing Easter Weekend ((HUGS))

Elizabeth said...

"Knackered laquered" does sound pretty cool!

Carole Reid said...

That hole is huge! It swallowed a truck!
You would be so much fun to go thrift shopping with! I'll take you to my favourite shops if you take me to yours! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

You may be right Angela!
And to you Tracy! And Elizabeth!
It's a deal Carole!