Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Craft, Storage and Bad Cat Parents

This is inside Hobbycraft, a large art and craft supply shop-which is pretty good for lots of things. They have recently got into these papier maché goods, and that very expensive fancy tissue paper to stick onto them. I did actually buy an item from this range today, a papier maché hand, to photograph my unwatches on. The giant giraffe caught my eye though, just for its size, and the strange mixture of patterns against the patriotic Jubilee background. There is an awful lot of stuff aimed at Jubilee crafts-ready made bunting, red, white and blue ribbon, cake things. Commercialism rules. There is a very funny comedy here about the lead up to the Olympics, called 'Twenty Twelve'. Last week their publicity team came up with the concept of 'Jubilympics'-a mixture of the two big events this year. It was vetoed by Prince Charles' people! Here is their comedy blog.
The reason for my visit was storage-stackable see-through boxes to add to my rather large collection of stackable see-through boxes. They are great! Above are my newly organised stamps. Ideally, I like all of one type of thing to be together as it makes more sense and means I know what I have got. I am getting there. I have a neatly organised big pile in the sitting room, and less and less in the back room, with a few already in the shed. The cats are appalled at the upheaval and mess-their little routines get affected and they end up looking like Cassie below-striking strange poses with funny looks on their faces.
That is not why we are bad cat parents though. That relates to the kitten biscuits which we still buy, even though there are no kittens, just because they love them. We keep meaning to stop, but they look so sad and pitiful when they go in the back room (the original home of Cassie, and thus, of the kitten biscuit) and they are not there. There are a few left in the packet, which I gave to Cassie when I got home. She was soon pushed out of the way by Tiger, and then Lily came to get some too, before they all went. This is Tiger and Lily sharing!


Queenie Believe said...

YOur kitties are sooo cute. Cassie lookes like she is hypnotized into a mesmerized trance. -lol-
A set of those clear plastic storage bins has been on my buy list forever... I just need to fork out $$ and get some. They are so handy for organizing and storgae.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Jenny Woolf said...

That photo of Cassie is a scream!

Must wear my glasses, I thought at first that the shop was called "Hubbycraft" !

Unknown said...

Love the photos of your cats..

Kat Mortensen said...

Kitten biscuits, eh? Ours are on a Greek yogurt kick and since daisy has been so ill, there's also been much salmon and tuna about ( in an effort to get her to eat).

That looks like a tantalizing shop! I love your stamp collection.

Leenie said...

Your kitty family looks very healthy and happy. I'd never call you bad parents. Stackab see-through boxes are the collector's best friend. And aren't we all collectors.

Carole Reid said...

You are on an organizing roll Sarah!
A giraffe with pink toe nails and all those art supplies and the flags.....I want to catch a plane over right away!

I couldn't believe how polite the kitties share! You must be good cat parents not bad ones! :)

Anonymous said...

I too have a collection of see-through stackable boxes - I recently got some very cheap in Sainsbury's ..... they are supposed to be for shoes, but are just a niice size for quilting projects!

Tracy said...

Sweet kitties... always such fun to see them in action! That giraffe is fabulous! I must see the Hobbycraft next time we're in the UK. Our local hobby shop closed some time ago, so it means a trip to one or just get online. But it's fun to go to a place and look around, you know. LOVE all your stamps! Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

jabblog said...

I haven't been to Hobbycraft for ages - I find it very seductive and end up buying things that I'll get around to 'some time'.
I was watching 2012 yesterday - brilliant!
Our Winston loves treats, too - cats are so difficult to resist. (Actually, so are dogs . . . )

Helen McCookerybook said...

I love Twenty Twelve! It makes me laugh out loud and I'm really going to miss it!
Your garden's looking lovely- about a month ahead of mine even though we are only about 15 miles apart! That's southern temperatures for you.
Isobel has hired a stuffed fox in a glass case and she's keeping it on her bed. She says it makes her jump out of her skin every time she goes into her room! xx