Friday, 6 April 2012


Lots of patterns have caught my eye today, starting with my ball of wool this morning. The way the pattern is like a basket weave is really mesmerising. It is the sort of thing my art teacher would give us as homework when I was doing O'level.Then, this afternoon, we visited somewhere I have meant to visit for ages, Hall Place in Crayford. It has beautiful gardens, including a hothouse where most of these photos were taken, and a lovely house, built in 1537. We didn't stay too long today as we had to get back, but I intend to go back really soon. It is pretty close to home, and I often go past it. It has a restaurant and garden centre too.
Lots of patterns based on circles. The cacti reminded me of my wool.

I am not sure what this plant was, and it didn't look too well, but I love the yellow blobby shape against the dustily lit background.

Espaliered trees.
Lacy patterns of blossom shadows.


Diane Rooney said...

Ooh Sarah, I love pattern too and love how it's around us all the time everywhere. I love the plants especially.

Thank you for your wishes re: anniversary. It's always a lovely surprise to see your comments on my blog. Hope you have a fab weekend. We really must organise a get together one of these days as I'm only in Kent ;)

Carole Reid said...

Mmmmmm pattern!

Unknown said...

You have captured some lovely textures, love the comparison between your wool and the cacti