Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Yesterday, I was reading A Fanciful Twist, and Vanessa was talking about her inspiration board/mood board. It is beautiful, and it was interesting to look at all the little details. Strangely, the night before, I had been thinking about them, and why I don't have one. Space is partly it, and the fact that I am never quite sure what to put on them. Also, the whole place is a bit like one giant mood board, as it is filled with things that I like or that inspire me. But I do have a little black foam board, and when I read the part about the little things that are lying around at the moment, and inspire you, then something clicked, and I went round and got a few of them together. It took me about five minutes as they were already there. I like the result. It is leaning against the wall on a little triangular table-one of a pair I bought a while ago-white melamine with little ball feet and wire legs-very fifties.

There are some cotton yarn offcuts from current crocheting, a pogo print of a photo of light circles, a postcard from my friend Clare from her recent Prague trip, a tag from Linda Sue which I love, a tag I painted-which reappeared in the sort out the other day, some little paper stars from a selection of stars in a small box which I cut out ages ago, a gold crinkly circle from a Sari, a circle cut from marbled paper, a jet brooch, and my silver mermaid necklace-I wore it a lot in the holidays, but don't wear it to school as it has boobs and that may be seen as inappropriate by some! 
 Then, as I was taking the pictures of the board, the sun lit up the garden, It was only when I looked through the lens, that I noticed how golden the Jasmine looks.
 There are at least ten flower heads on the irises-I can't wait for them to come out!
 The clematis, that survives in its little untended pot, is getting ready to flower too. It has large white flowers.
 The camelia is still going strong.
The squidgy apple cake is delicious!


Queenie Believe said...

A inspiration/mood board is a wonderful idea!!
It looks like Spring is on the verge at your house, enjoy!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

YES!! Pefection - tossing up things you love, into one place, to just enjoy and look at and be inspired by. I am thrilled you did that!! I agree with your comment about your whole house feeling like an inspiration board, with all the things you love around you - mine is like that. But there is something about putting a few bits a bobs in one place, isn't there? And it is fun to do. Love yours, and that mermaid too, wonderful!!

Your garden is a sight!! It is so full and lush!! Yummm :)

LOve, V

Kim Corey said...

So fun to see your board, Sarah! (I find yarn project cut-offs delicious, too!) Well, I too, was inspired by Vanessa's post, and think I might finally undo my board tonight, so IT can be rejuvenated! Here's a peek at the way it looks now: http://www.bonnenuitdesigns.com/2012/04/fanciful-twist-of-fate.html

I'll have a peek around your blog while I'm here.

Happy spring!

Anonymous said...

I love your little mermaid necklace! I like the idea of a mood board - I just never get round to doing it! Your garden is looking good!!

Carole Reid said...

Will you change your mood board as the mood changes? Using pins is a great idea. Only one of my clematis is doing well. The other two are looking very sad.

Anonymous said...

Our irises have already come and gone. Everything blooms so early here. Love your mood board!