Friday, 20 November 2020

Through the WIndow

I recently  rearranged the bedroom, and the clothes rail is now by the wall not the window. This means that Cassie can return to her hobby of looking out of the window through the slats in the blind, and that Oliver can experience this exciting activity. I hung two lightweight cotton curtains up to stop people looking in. They were saved from the old wardrobes as I knew they would come in handy. I hook one of them into a drawer so the cats can sit between it and the window. Olly was looking through when I went out the other day, and when I went to look at him he began pawing through the blinds at the window as I think he was confused. I took a picture as he looked cute. The reflection looks much more solid that he does and I quite like the effect. 



Steve Reed said...

It is a cool effect!

Fresca said...

You cinematographer, you! :)

River said...

I almost couldn't see him :) I was too focused on the houses.