Sunday, 22 November 2020

More Painting and Trypophobia

I enjoyed painting this doll, especially the patterns on her clothes. She is a new acquisition from eBay, from a seller who said not to bid if you had less than a certain amount of feedback points. What a cheek! Anyway, the doll is beautiful so never mind her grumpy warnings.

I didn't know what to put in the background, then inspiration hit in the form of an old cutlery box I have, which is decorated with silver and gold bamboo.
I like the way her feet are dangling in the air. It makes her look a little magical and also puppet like. 

I have been painting these circles today. I was thinking about Christmas cards and thought pretty circles and gold would work. They have not lived up to my idea but I have been playing around anyway. A few years ago a colleague who was studying psychology, told me about a condition called Trypophobia. It is not an officially recognised condition. It is a fear of holes or circles gathered together, and can be triggered by such things as bubbles, pomegranates, animal patterns or condensation. Or maybe my paintings-so look away now if you have it. 

And I started another portrait. This time of Madeline. I made her a paper outfit last night out of an old map, some tissue paper wrapping and a little washi tape. 



Linda Sue said...

OH NO your circles are so frightening, what a weird phobia to have, sorry, laughable, circle fear.
Your Chinese woman dolly painting is completely and utterly gorgeous. I think a one woman show is in order for when we all get out of covid jail. Clever clothes for Madeline- VERY clever. Easier to make than to paint I am thinking.
Love how you came up with a most appropriate background for Madam Yi, or whatever her name may be, her face is so pretty, great shadows!Fabulous clothing, painted so well, truly impressed, as usual. SKILLS!!!

Fresca said...

The dolls! The dolls!
These paintings are exquisite.
I'm with Linda Sue: please have a show when Covid lifts--I want an excuse to come to London--haven't been there since... 2006. (Had been several times before that, but ... wow, 14 years...)

Lucky lucky Madeline.
I'm excited to see her finished portrait.

Your Chinese doll hanging in the air makes me think of the way characters fly through the air in Chinese films, via wire work-- like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".
I looked that film up just now (never sure if I've gotten the title right)--
I had not realized the famous fight in the air is in a bamboo forest, so even better!

Steve Reed said...

I have never heard of trypophobia, but you sent me down an internet rabbit hole. I got to wondering WHY some people fear pictures of holes, bumps or circles -- an inborn aversion to smallpox and other similar illnesses, maybe? There's an article about it, theorizing that certain images of irregular holes make our brains think they're seeing poisonous animals:

Anyway, pretty interesting stuff!

(I don't think I have trypophobia but I DO think certain images in that genre are uncomfortable to look at. Sort of gross. Not sure why.)

Steve Reed said...

Here's another article, even better!

(Sorry I'm taking over your blog post.)

River said...

I love Madeline's very clever outfit :)
I have bought odd scraps of fabric from a remnants basket at the local community market to make clothes for my Meg, but can't seem to get started.
I like the Chinese doll.

Shell said...

I love your new doll. She is so pretty, I feel like i can hear her talking right from your post. The painting of her is lovely too.