Saturday, 14 November 2020

Out and About

I took all of these photos either on the way to work, or during my lunchtime walks in the last week or so. Apart from the last one which I took this morning when I encountered the army horses. I see them quite often on a Saturday morning.
I couldn't place the typeface on this pub sign, and did a bit of googling, during which I realised it reminded me of old Ladybird books from the 60s. I wonder if the sign is that old. It might be Gill Sans.
This is my bus stop. I took the picture because of the column of smoke or steam in the distance. Not sure what it comes from. 
Very foggy morning last week. This is on Blackheath. 
I walked a slightly different way to the bus stop as I was early and it was a nursery morning when I can't get in before 8 or sometimes later. Dawdling led me to this, which I don't understand. I stopped thinking about it after a few minutes as no explanation struck me. The lockdown has made a difference to the morning traffic and I am getting to work a bit quicker. The evening is slightly quieter too.
This is on a Primary school in New Cross called Myatt Garden. I did one day there about 25 years ago and liked it. It was a very arty school then. I hope it is still.
Sweet café names.
This is in Camberwell near the nursery. I still have not exhausted all of the walks I can do, but have had a couple of occasions where I have wandered a bit far and don't think I will make it back in time, and one where I thought briefly that I was lost!
Same place as the bike shop.
This cat did not want me too near, but did pose very nicely on a tree stump!
I don't know what this building was but it is in very poor condition. 
The colours of this scene are just lovely. The street I park on has a lot of rubbish just left there which is a shame as it is a pretty street.
The horses. The riders have their horse in the middle and one either side that they are leading. It looks very stressful to me!


River said...

I love all these photos, especially the bee and the cat on a stump. The horses look like they are in training, becoming used to moving along city streets with people and vehicles.

Steve Reed said...

I don't get that mattress graffiti either, but I love the photo. It does make you wonder!

Fresca said...

I just noticed that the bee and the stripey cat on the tree stump sort of mirror one another's markings!