Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Sunday Walk

On Sunday we went for a walk in Brockley, which is near where I park in the mornings on my way to work. I see a sign for Brockley Nature Reserve on the road I park on, and we went looking for that. We didn't find it, but we did enjoy a short walk and a look at all the street art in the small area near the station. 

In a window-an anti mask wearing/government control statement?
Lots of shop shutters are decorated nowadays, I suppose in an attempt to discourage graffiti, (see the one next door!) but also maybe to cheer the streets up.

I loved these doors in the mottled brickwork. The café next door was open and really busy-a big queue in the street. If there had not been a queue I would have loved to buy a coffee there as it smelt delicious!
This coat hanger seems like a prediction of Monday now, when I spent the whole day rearranging the bedroom. It started with swapping my summer and winter clothes, but turned into the whole bedroom. It is hard to rearrange in there as it is small and the things in it don't leave a lot of room for moving them around. I also upset Lily as there were things piled on the bed (her bed!), most of the day, and there was lots of vacuuming. She was very unhappy! When I had finished, I couldn't believe how many coat hangers we had left over. They are such an annoying object, They tangle and break, and 20 wire ones were stuck behind the radiator and were almost impossible to extricate! The clothes rail was there but is is not now, so at least that won't happen again.

A lot of the railway bridges near stations now have their name painted in this style. The one at Charlton near us is red, for the football team.

Not street art but quite a strange advert for Ikea. I think it is striking, but the overtones of a bottle of pills tipped out like that seems quite distasteful to me, even if it is quite clever that they are pillows.
House of  Hair. I love hairdresser names! I used to go to one called Tornado. Not a good choice, though it was a good hairdressers.

Blasts from the past, Hong Kong Fuey and Scooby Do.  Perhaps Hong Kong is angry about the rubbish, which I didn't really notice when taking the picture. 

 I also discovered that one of the buses I get, and then have a fifteen minute walk to my car, actually goes to near the other end of my parking road, so I stayed on for two more stops tonight and it was a five minute walk back to my car. Result!


River said...

Very nice murals, most of them anyway. I really like the slice of bread just 'loafing' about :)

Steve Reed said...

Love all the street art! I never get down to Brockley but it looks like there's a lot to see. I agree the Ikea advert is bizarre and a bit uncomfortable.

I think that toast street art is quite old.

As for the anti-mask thing, WHY do some people object so much to masks? Why are they any more an instrument of oppression than, say, a seat belt, or a hi-viz vest?

Linda Sue said...

LOVE all of these! Good job staying on the bus for two stops , keeps you out of the rain for ten minutes!