Thursday, 26 November 2020


Madeline's portrait is finished. She says she is happy with it and it is helping take her mind off the economy which is being talked about on the news going on behind her. Painting the map skirt was a lot easier and more fun than making it. I don't often get impatient when making something, and see no point (usually) making something I am not enjoying. But I really wanted the map skirt to exist, so I had to put up with breaking thread, sore fingers and things not going as planned at first! 

Black and white to see tone-skirt ok, shoes have none!      



Linda Sue said...

Fantastic job, Miss!! I was just so sure that painting the skirt would be terribly difficult! You are a wonder! Love the google van catching you in time, by the way!
Brilliant doll painting, again!!

River said...

It's a beautiful painting!

Steve Reed said...

Wow, you did a great job on both the skirt and the painting!

Fresca said...

Oh happy joy!!!
A Madeline painting!

I'm with Linda--I thought painting the map skirt would be hard.
Impressive--but it's her hair I especially love.

Your work is a delight!