Monday, 23 November 2020


I haven't been here since before the first lockdown and fancied a change of scenery. It is an easily accessed piece of the foreshore and there is lots of parking nearby so an easy place to visit. The sun had gone by the time I arrived but it was pretty mild and I enjoyed my walk. I love this little path that leads to the steps.
There was a family with two young children on the shore so I suppose they made this perfect sandcastle on the step. I was a bit worried to see the two children filling up their buckets from a dribbling outlet in the wall. It could be rainwater but it could also be sewage. I should have told them I suppose but it was too late by the time I saw what they were doing so I didn't.
The colours of this old boat are echoed in the colours of the flats behind.
This anchor is really huge. I wonder how long it has been there. There are at least four anchors on my usual bit of foreshore, though I have a feeling one has been taken-the smallest one without a long piece of chain. Even the small ones are extremely heavy (obviously!) I saw two men taking a small one from Rotherhithe on one of my visits. They were really struggling. Even if I could I wouldn't take one, as I like seeing them there. 

Pretty iridescence on this bottle. 
Anchor close up-as close as I could get without getting stuck!
I can't see any redeeming feature in these buildings in Wapping. Apart from maybe the diamond pattern on the left hand one. They look quite impressive glinting in the sun, but they weren't glinting today and just felt oppressive.

Thanks for the kind doll painting comments, (and the extra info on Trypophobia Steve!). I recently spent some time looking up artists who paint toys and found some good ones, then lost my list. I found it again today so here they are.

Peter Jones

Joyce K Jensen

Margaret Morrison

Jonathan Queen

Kate Stone



Linda Sue said...

A decent adventure! I love the bottle of course, and the poo water castle. Such an organized well held together bit of sand! Poo must add a bit of glue. Dangerous yes, but living life on the edge is sometimes character building.
I have gone back so many time to admire your doll painting of the Chinese woman floating, so fantastically. Yummy painting, Ms. Sarah.

You know how bodies have memories , seasonal memories...for the past few years I have been in London at this time and when i awake in the morning i think that I am there, and we are planning shenanigans.
Thinking of you always.

Carry on, the mud looks worrying! Do not get stuck!I would be sad if the tide came in and you could not shift your feet from the gravity of that intense looking mud! That would not be character building!
I really like the composition of the stark buildings across the water, great photo!

Linda Sue said...

also love pete jones work and jonathan's

River said...

I love the foreshore photos and wonder sometimes about things like anchors that get washed up and stuck. Where have they come from? Where have they been? Were they once attached to a shipwreck deep in an ocean?
The path leading to the steps and the steps themselves are wonderful. I'd like to live close to something like that.