Sunday, 15 November 2020

Doll Paintings

I have been painting on some of my Mum's stash of watercolour paper, which is a pleasure to paint on. I have been using my acrylic inks which I love, to paint portraits of some of my dolls. I started this a while ago and did the rabbit and the TLC picture, and a few small ones, and over the last couple of weeks I have been doing some more. Each one has been a challenge in its own way but part of what I like about making anything is the problem solving aspect, so a challenge is good. This doll came to light in recent sorting of stuff, and I had forgotten all about her. She has a squeak if you give her a little shake. Her right arm is permanently waving which must make it ache after a while. Getting the arm shadows right was the hardest thing with this painting, and I don't think I have, but in the end, after about four goes I gave up. The shadows on the face from where I have my lamp are very stark but they seem to work better than the arm. My favourite part to paint was the pattern on her dress.
Like fireworks, flowers and starry nights combined.
This doll came from the Cats' Protection League shop up the road. I was very happy to find her. She is made from a soft velvet fabric, like the Norah Wellings boy, and has lovely clothes. I especially like her hat. The chair was my Mum's and she used to sit Christmas characters in it, hence the bows. The chair was the hardest part and I only realised how complicated it was as I was painting. I loved doing the flowers on the floor. It is the plastic cloth that I have on my art desk. The desk is great. It was from an art school and lifts up to make an easel, as well as providing storage. The side has metal flowers that tighten to hold the easel up. It came with a stool from the art school too which I am sitting on at the moment. I got it from Greenwich market a long time ago.

She has drunk too much coffee. 
I think this one is my favourite so far. I love the colours. I went a bit dark on her clothes but they then sort of match the fish. The fish is an uncompleted model made from things from the foreshore. He has pipe stem fins and still needs a tail. She is sitting on some foreshore cleaned up nails. 
Her hair is such a beautiful colour. 


Linda Sue said...

I absolutely love adore admire every one of your paintings! Your portraits are better than the sitters in real life! I appreciate the time and work that went into these! Especially the table cloth, wow! You have inspired me, I think. I have a few that I would love to paint.
Your fish is delightful. Clever girl!!!

River said...

I think your paintings are wonderful. Perhaps the shadows might be easier in a lighter shade and with blurred edges?

Fresca said...

Sarah! I love that you paint portraits of the dolls!

The flowered carpet is the best!
I'd say the shadow on the arm works well. (The painting makes its own reality, not photo realism.)

I wonder if one day there will be a painting of a girlette...

The girlettes here have taken against the idea of a photo-Christmas card, like I made last year---after the calendar, they say they have been on display quite enough. you give me the idea that I might try drawing or painting them for a Christmas card myself.
I don't draw much so not sure if I could do a pleasing job, but it'd be fun to try.
Or frustrating!!!
(Or both.)

I like hearing your dolls' history. The Cats' Protection League!
Sounds like something from Sherlock Holmes.
We don't have that league here, though there are cat-only shelters.

When we get funny old dolls at the thrift store, I think, I wish I could send this to Sarah.
Doll Protection League.
But beside the postage, I get the sense you don't need more things...

Sarah said...

Thanks all! I am painting a beautiful Chinese doll today. I do have plans for Girlette portraits. We just have not decided on setting or wardrobe yet! I like the idea of a Doll Protection League.