Sunday, 10 November 2013

Weekend Bits and Pieces

 Flowers in the rain yesterday morning. Not in my garden unfortunately but in the carpark at my local shops. I popped up to get some cards and go into the charity shop as I haven't been for at least a week! It was bonanza time in there this week. The best bargain was a canvas 'efgeeco' fishing box which I only realized was also a seat once I got it home. It had odd bits and pieces like fishing twine and lead weights, and a very dry and old handrolled cigarette. It was £4 and had 'as seen' on the label. After a bit of a clean it is currently holding lots of fabric and is another sleeping place for cats.
 We went out in the afternoon to meet Andy's sister to celebrate her birthday. The sun was streaming through the window at Waterloo, and made dramatic shadows of the crowd.

 Striking green eye. 
 Arty mosaic.
 Pop art cow.
 Waterloo entrance.
 Underpass art.
 The bar we went to. Everything you need-steak, cocktails and jazz. (Though personally speaking not the jazz!)
 The Imax cinema reflected in a window. 
 Another mosaic.
 Cassie takes a break with the fox who has invaded her scratchy post seat. She was getting in the way helping me with my tidying. 
 Bottle shadows. 
How the top of the large cabinet looks at the moment. Beth Robinson Chimney Sweep, New York plastic city blocks, and old matchbox tops. And not too much dust!


snoopydogknits said...

Loving how your large cabinet is looking at the moment!!! I LOVE London and seeing your images of London life! Ros

Tracy said...

LOVE the London views... and the cow with pink toenails! And the view from the cabinet too! :o) Happy Days, Sarah ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

I am loving all of these photos! The city by the crow sitting atop a shining surface! Excellent. I also LOVE love LOVE the table runner that you felted - previous post. That is awesome!!!

jabblog said...

There must be interesting things to look at and hold everywhere in your home- artistic. There are lots of things in our home too, but they are under the general classification of clutter.