Thursday, 26 September 2013

Meet the Neighbours

As Leenie said yesterday doing something like this really does make you appreciate those who do it well. Nick Parks and Oliver Postgate I salute you! 
The second film has a narration. I am not at all sure about my voice when I hear it like this but this was about my tenth attempt so I give up! The film plays as you record so you can see where you are up to. It would probably help to decide what to say before pressing record!


jabblog said...

Very nice! and there's nothing wrong with your voice - it's very warm and friendly:-)

Leenie said...

Loved it!! Nice work. Gave me a big smile for the day. Oh, and I agree with jabblog.

Linda Sue said...

QUITE GOOD Ms. Sarah- lovely to hear your voice, which I miss especially in the mornings! You did a great job with these little films. Love the portrait on the wall! Very fun! I think that you might become famous!