Sunday, 22 September 2013

Salute to the Forties Part One

We went to this event at Chatham Dockyard a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it, so we booked to go again this year. Lots of great costumes on show. Lots of lovely stalls too but an unfortunately horrible lunch-apart from the spam sandwich (themed sandwiches) which was ok.
 Babes. Real baby in one, pretend baby in the other. The wicker rolls royce of the pram world. I wonder if they are Lloyd Loom?
Boy reading.
 Incongruous bag.
 Rochester Cathedral in the distance, from on board a boat.
 Crowd waiting for a Spitfire.
 Walking the dog.
 Evacuee choir. They were a children's theatre group. The little girl with one sock lower than the other at the end of the top line was my favourite. She was really putting her heart into it.
 Goose figurehead.
 I'm over here.

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Unknown said...

That is really cool .... I love the splashes of modern color and incongruous-ness thrown in here and there. A bit of the Twilight Zone.