Sunday, 8 September 2013

Ken and other little bits and pieces.

Another instant craft project. I got really excited when I saw a Barbie head ring on Pinterest (saved on my dolls board) and rushed off to make my own. It was bizarrely satisfying to rip Ken's head off, then cut it in half with a knife. I can understand a little more the way my nieces used to treat their Barbies! I had to fiddle around with it and sew it up at the back and may never wear it apart from at home but I love it! It was only after going back to Pinterest that I realised the one I saw was from this great shop. So clever!
 Sorry Ken, but being out and about might be better than living in the drawer under the bed which you have been until recently.
This is the grand entrance to the pub I went to after work on Friday. It is called The Dial Arch and is just down the road in the Royal Arsenal part of Woolwich. It was fun to go to the pub on a Friday for a change. I came home quite early as I was driving and had only paid a few hours parking. I then went round to my friend's house just up the road and we had French cheese, wine and Mauritian rum. A lovely evening!
 Another lovely Woolwich building which is hidden away quite near to school. Seen on home visits on Friday.

 A living wall on the local community centre. A man in white shirt, straw hat and braces comes out to water it each day. I love the way it is planted in diagonal stripes.
 And look at this garden! Beautiful!
This is the main entrance to the school. I prefer this to the side view. I am not sure why it is quite so wide though!


elizabeth said...

Love glimpses of England.
The vertical garden is wonderfully inventive.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about the Ken ring, but I love your key ring.


Sarah said...

No-I am not sure about it either! The key ring was from a charity shop for £6. It is an Avon one from possibly the 80s or even 70s. I have seen two for sale on Ebay for over $200. Ridiculous! I don't think anyone would pay that for Ken!

Linda Sue said...

EEEK Ken has always been freaky - that is the absolute BEST thing you could have done with him! Something ought to be done about his bland other body parts as well. WOW the living wall blows my tiny mind! That is really lovely, must require a lot of attention - how does it defy gravity? I am having trouble on my blog role , it does not update your blog entries in a timely fashion. I found you by accident today!! Must be a conspiracy!- missing you!

jabblog said...

Novel ring:-) I love the living wall - a delight for birds, bees, butterflies and passing people:-)

A Magical Whimsy said...

The 'Ken' head ring is totally cool! What humor! I can just visualize a Barbie head ring fitting perfectly on the finger right next to Ken.
Thanks for sharing!