Thursday, 5 September 2013


Today was a much better one than the last two which, in the interests of positivity I won't go on about. All I will say is that inset days are not what they used to be. Now the initial ones of the year are always about the behaviour policy and repeat training about child protection which is obviously important but could be done in half the time. The reason it was even more frustrating to sit there this year is because of the need to sort out the nursery! As you will see below, that need is quite great. Anyway, today has been the start of our home visits which I enjoy for themselves, and also as a mini adventure around Woolwich, finding its little hidden back streets and small wonders. 
The vast and featureless new nursery playground in the morning fog.
To the left, the building work continues.
One part of the pile of stuff we have to sort through. This is the stuff that we sent to storage two years ago.
The things that were brought over from our temporary classrooms. Just dumped! 
The Rowan tree covered in beautiful berries.
Now the start of the home visits...
We found a great and new place to park, with no restrictions and lots of interesting things to look at. This is a pile of wood chippings mysteriously under a tree, with lots of mushrooms growing out of the top. You have to look closely.
The view looking down the hill from the carpark. Yet another of Woolwich's many pieces of hidden wasteground which is great for wildlife. It is full of dumped furniture hiding in the long grass but does look good at a glance.
Some unskilled Millwall graffiti. Nice choice of paint colour though.
A cheery looking no parking sign. One of my favourites out of the ones I have photographed so far. It is supported by some sort of official police notices.
Near to here I had a lucky find of three wooden drawers from an old desk-the handles look 1930s but I don't know. Dovetail joints and a good size to make a stack of shelves.
Isn't this lily amazing? One flower but all those huge leaves.
A sunny playground with child art.
A slinky alley cat. This one reminded me of Cassie, except it is much thinner. She is getting a bit rounded and needs to go on a diet soon I think!
Back to school in the afternoon and I saw this builder scattering grass seed. Not sure if a hi-vis jacket and hard hat are strictly necessary for this kind of job!
Back home, and a crow is bothering the cats by sitting on top of the chimney and cawing. The end of a pretty good and productive day. More of the same tomorrow!


Tracy said...

WOW... such a lot to do. No wonder you're frustrated and more. The new building is decidedly featureless isn't it?! LOL... Why do they build buildings the way they do now? Architecture for buildings for everyman's use boggles the mind sometimes. So glad you got to MALLORCA, though... LOVELY photos! I think you had a great time. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Leenie said...

Hoping you find your way through that large collection of boxes. Maybe you can get a high-vis jacket and a hard hat for the job. ;0).

Too many people making too many problems and not enough love to go around. (Phil Collins)

Relyn Lawson said...

I love your last image. Love it. It ends the photos on the same positive note as your words.