Wednesday, 2 October 2013

This Week

I enjoyed driving to work through the fog.

 I had a lovely lunch with my Mum in a café that sells witches.
I made quatermass green playdough in the microwave. In fact I became slightly obsessed with microwave playdough and made four batches one after the other late on Friday night. It is addictive! At the end of this post is a very short film that has the lovely sound of a piece of the hot dough being removed from the bowl. A kind of sucking air sound. That is the best bit and then the kneading the still warm dough is pretty good too. 
I went to Hobbycraft to buy a present for a friend after work, and was so hungry I had to have a MacDonald's in my car. I would say guilty pleasures but I didn't feel guilty!
 I admired some 1940's book covers. I love everything about them. Especially the lettering and faded colours of the first and the title of the second. Easy to imagine it being said in a clipped British accent. I have no idea what she does as I have not read it.

 I didn't buy this saddle as I don't have a horse. I am sure there are some other good uses of saddles but it stayed in the shop.
 I did buy these two doll booklets. I like the Tammy one best. It is tiny and has minute writing in it that I may not be able to see even with my reading glasses. Lots of different outfits for Tammy.
 I visited my friend who used to work at my school but left last year. She is currently working in a school up the road. It is totally different to mine. One form entry instead of three, in a sweet little 1930s looking building instead of new build and, most importantly, with a nursery classroom that seems to have been designed by someone who has an idea about what goes on in one. Lots of little carpet areas to create different learning bays, an actual cloakroom, and a separate little room for carpet sessions with a smart board. I could go on about the other advantages over mine but I won't. She had done a brilliant job in making it lovely for the children to use. We went for dinner at a local pub which was fun for a Wednesday night.
 This baby is in her room. I can't decide if I wish it was in mine or not!
I did these quick charcoal drawings. They are on file paper and it has a lovely smooth surface which makes it good to draw on. I like to put words with the faces. Nothing much original about the words, just what I am thinking at that particular moment. The first was last night, the second tonight.


Queenie Believe said...

Microwave playdough!!! What fun. I need some :o)
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Anonymous said...

I love the witch, but not so sure about the baby!!

Mary Jenkins said...

Hello - as a fellow nursery teacher I make lots of playdough too - but how do you get that bright vibrant green? Mine is always pastel no matter how much food colouring I use, and paint always stinks! Help please Mary