Monday, 21 October 2013

Calais Business Signs

Signs are interesting things. The choices people make for their business names, the lettering and colour choices and how some of the shop signs are definitely showing their age. 
 The No Comment CafĂ©. No Comment.
A gorgeous green graphic horse.
 Pearls from Eden.
 A chip shop with great diplomatic ambitions.
 'Le Sixties American Diner'-very swish!
 A paper shop that has been around for a while I think. Beautiful words, especially 'papeterie'.
 Look at this colour and style! Sixties at least I think, maybe even fifties.
 Geographically confused garages.
 Just lovely.
 A name relating to the port. Sensible and a good reminder of why you might be there.
 This is my favourite!


Linda Sue said...

Must agree- the bar amnesia is the best! I love them all!

→lisa said...

My hovercraft is full of anguilles.

Signs are something I really notice whenever I visit a new place. I have to keep myself from snapping photos of all of them.