Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Peggy Imagines

Peggy imagines that she is Little Red Riding Hood. She wants to walk in the wild wood but does not want to meet the wolf. So she has her magic gold twig which will act as a way of travelling far away, or just back home, depending on which she prefers.
 She has the ribbon from her old cloak fastening her new one. 
 The cloak lining may be responsible for her imaginings. I found this fabric on ebay a while ago and couldn't resist. The gold button was from the wool show I went to ages ago and rediscovered the other day. I am therefore making a feeble effort to use up some of my hoard of materials. I ruined that though, by buying the rose fabric new on Saturday as it was perfect for the dress. Oh well!

The little shell buttons are from a jar of beads from the charity shop. They didn't really make a dent in the jar. And I think I have discovered yoyos by accident which are the little round straps. This was a very satisfying and reasonably quick mini project. Now for the other dolls waiting in the queue to be renovated.


Leenie said...

Peggy is so blessed to have you for a fashion consultant! She looks especially spiffy.

Serenata said...

Doesn't she look grand now, and why not have an imagination, all dolls must have one!

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