Monday, 2 July 2012

Venetian Red

Venetian Red is such a romantic sounding name, and the colour that attracted me the other day. I like the way it looks like red clay. Very old looking. So, I drew this face, with slightly chubby cheeks and an uneven nose.
I enjoyed doing her ears the best. I like the way the ears join onto the face-all those curly shapes are the attractive part of a feature which, when analysed, is quite strange and a little ugly. My ears are quite big, though they don't stick out too much! Enough vain ear talk! Next I added some colour. I love colouring on this bumpy watercolour paper, the way the colour builds up softly and with texture.
Then, the most exciting part, adding some water to the watercolour pencils, and seeing the colours come alive.
I printed this picture on A4 paper, and she is stuck to the wall where the teapot pages were. I like printing pictures I have drawn or painted-it lets me see them somehow-more so than in the original, and often they look better-which can't be a bad thing!
I enjoyed all your comments on my post yesterday, thank you!


Leenie said...

Love your work and I love working with watercolor pencils.

Linda Sue said...

Loving all the stages of bringing her into existence. She is lovely- her lips are particularly appealing- I want to kiss her.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed seeing all the stages - it's fascinating to see how the picture evolved.

Yiota said...

Hi, Sarah!
Love what you made here! Especially the watercolour effect!
Take Care!