Monday, 16 July 2012

Things that made me smile...

A tall hollyhock.

 Grey clouds and sunlit bunting.
 A circus like tent-not sure what was really in it.
 The Shard from a distance looks even more improbable than up close.
 A subtle water feature at the foot tunnel.
 An angel wing backed pigeon.
 Look closely and you will see...a man in a bin. I laughed out loud at this one!
I hope lots of things made you smile today.


Tracy said...

THANK YOU for these delights, Sarah! This lifted my afternoon. I was offline during the weekend, so getting into the swing of things today... Happy Week ((HUGS))

Linda Sue said...

Also what made me smile , though it is commonplace, are the twin houses where the man in the rubbish bin is either looking for something lost or is stuck...London is a very pointy city- the shard fits - the Gherkin, not so much.It looks more like a bullet. Anyway, falling from the sky would be serious impalement.
I LOVE London, I really should live there...

Queenie Believe said...

Lovely smiling photos, thank you, it was much needed.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Shell said...

What lovely things to smile about. That hollyhock is tall. The man in the bin..priceless.

Paula said...

Thank you for letting us take a walk with you! Beautiful town and yes, I totally laughed out loud at the man in the bin. Wonder what he is trying to rescue from the trash can~