Friday, 13 July 2012

Pink and Yellow

I had dahlia envy after reading this post of Vanessa's the other day. I have grown them in the past, but once the snails get wind of them that is it-gone overnight which is so disappointing! I saw these in Morrisons and they were cheap so I bought them. Then two of the flowers got knocked off in the basket, so I replaced one temporarily with the ribbon flower! The broken flowers look pretty enough in their bowl. I suppose I should put them outside but the snails are rife at the moment with all the rain, so they will stay on the table for a little while.

The curry plant is so delicate and interestingly shaped.
It would make lovely jewellery if turned into gold.

They don't look much, but these mangoes are delicious. The best ones I have ever had I think. In 'A Suitable Boy', which I only ever read the first book of, even though it is really good, there is a character called Mrs Rupa Mehra (I think this is her name) and she has a thing for mangoes, but also has diabetes so is limited in her consumption, which she finds very difficult.


Queenie Believe said...

Your Dahlias are sooo pretty! Enjoy!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Leenie said...

Dahlias and Mangoes (although a rather odd brand name--but maybe that's what comes from "fresh thinking"). You know how to enjoy life.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the dahlias - they always bring back happy childhood memories of the wonderful ones that my Dad grew (he wasn't much f a gardener otherwise!) I once heard Jane Asher in an interview saying that the best mango was one that you had to eat sitting in the bath, because it was so juicy!!

Rattling On said...

There's a great Pakistani restaurant a few miles from here. They get mangoes in specially from Pakistan as they're supposed to be the very best. They're certainly the best I've ever had!!

snoopydogknits said...

I love dahlias and mangoes!!! Reminders of summer............... or not! It's been pretty miserable here, this last week. Here's hoping for blue skies and sunshine from next Friday on! Ros

Helen McCookerybook said...

Oh those Boris announcements! the vanity of the man... trapped on a tube platform with him... aaargh! x

Anonymous said...

Dahlia's are so pretty! We always put potted flowers on our front steps every year and we did Dahlia's a few years ago. This year it is Gerber Daisies but only one bloomed.

Mangoes are delicious!