Sunday, 22 March 2009

Art Journal

Sketch book versus art journal? I used to call it a sketch book and often felt guilty for not always sketching! Now I call it an art journal and do whatever I fancy. I plan, I revise, have fun, glue, paint, draw, occasionally I even rant! Here is a little selection of my current book. When I get to the end of this one I have an actual moleskin lined up which I am very excited about. A very quick sketch for Bottom, combined with a recently purchased casserole dish label-he has the air of a caped crusader I feel!
A plan for a doll that I am half way through and that is awaiting further inspiration.
The background to this page is a Beth Robinson doll. On top is my first aid revision.
Collage of shreddings.
Trying out my new Inktense pencils.
The progress on Bottom so far. I have no idea what I am doing really-just make it up as I go along! His little legs are from the beach on Sheppey and his body has been wrapped in plaster bandage. I am making him a little lined jacket which is very much trial and error as I have only the vaguest ideas about dress making!
Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

I like your doll and the art journal! They're great. Can't wait to see how the doll develops.

Anonymous said...

I love your art journal! I can't wait to see how Bottom turns out!

Diane Rooney said...

Enjoyed seeing your art journal entries. I love moleskin. I bought one last year but somehow just can't seem to use it. Still using older sketch pads. ha!

Looking forward to seeing a completed Bottom! ;)

Janine said...

OMG! Sarah, Bottom is really coming along! I can't wait to see him! Love all of your colors! I just got some Inktense pencils...I really like them. I also just received some Graphite pencils and am enjoying them as well! I am trying to get motivated to making another doll.


Lynne said...

Hi Sarah,Loved looking at your art journal.  Isn't it interesting how a title can affect how we feel about something.
I don't think you'll have any trouble remembering your First Aid notes.Thanks for telling me that you have the same trouble with the type on Blogger.  Do you also have trouble with highlighting the text?  It just means that I can't make links now, very frustrating.

Anairam said...

I so love to see your art journal! Beautiful. I've been neglecting mine for a while, but I have made entries into my 100 ideas journal, as well as into my everyday "oh well" journal. But now I'm inspired to do something arty again - and I have to use that white gel pen!! PS I so like that Bottoms doll - especially his sweet little driftwood legs ...

kendalee said...

Isn't it amazing how liberating a little semantic reframing can be? Language is a powerful thing. Love your art journal!

And also really enjoying Bottom's evolution.

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! So glad you changed the name to give yourself the freedom to do what you want in your book! Thanks for letting us get a peek inside. So much yummy goodness! :-)

kenflett said...

There are some interesting and lovely things on your blog.

Renee said...

Hello doll. I love the bottom doll, how mystical.


Love Renee