Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Scraps, Samples and Spring

These little framed pictures are for birthday cards. They are in little papier mache frames which are only about three inches square. I haven't glued anything, just tucked little layers in. I used snippets of wallpaper samples got for free at the weekend. There are such lovely wallpapers out there! The little birds are from some facsimile Victorian scraps I have had for years and have finally started to use. They are from Mamelok Press.
Spring has sprung in the nursery garden. Though yesterday, a couple of hours after taking this photo, we had a hail storm! Today we went for a Rosie's Walk around the school and the weather held out for that! We jumped in the number pool, walked over the grassy hill and climbed through the fence and over the stile-a bit different to the book but we worked with what we had!


A.Smith said...

Oh so lovely! almost as lovely as finding your very nice note. Thank you, I am so sorry to have worried so many wonderful friends, but between a serious attack of Menieres that left me wobbling around for a week and all the other events you are now aware of, I was trying to find my mind and finally, somehow battered and bumped, I got some of it back, lol.

Thank you dear Sarah for coming to visit, even if the kettle wasn't on. Your note made me smile and the tea will be brewing shortly.
Hugs from our almost Springlike Portland.

Anonymous said...

Your cards are very pretty!

We are seeing signs of spring here too. I love this time of the year.

Rima Staines said...

Hello Sarah, thanks for visiting me and leaving lovely words.. What a great place you keep here. I am a south east London girl actually..
Sending bestest wishes from the house on wheels

Janine said...

What a lovely idea Sarah! Those cards are just beautful!

Candace said...

What a lovely photo there at the end and your work is, as always, inspiring and beautiful.

You are always on the go, doing more and more. More for us to enjoy, of course!