Thursday, 19 March 2009

Happiness is a two day outdoor first aid course

This course was linked to the Forest School training. It was really well run and, surprisingly, very enjoyable and entertaining. I just hope I remember everything if I ever do become involved in an emergency. We were at the environmental centre again and had the chance to enact lots of different scenarios of outside accidents. I really liked the practical aspect as it induced feelings of panic as we were trying to remember more and more information and get it right to save the person's life. The panic feeling and the ability to control that and act is the most difficult part, so this way of learning was great. I seem to remember the last first aid course I did was not like this at all.
Anyway, some lovely sights I saw at the centre.. Twisty hazel and pretty blue flowers.
Pod the pig-likes a good scratch on the back and behind the ears.

Logan flowers(?I think) against the pines.

The very pretty goats. They are extremely inquisitive and every time I see them they try to eat my scarf, this time being no exception!
Wiggly catkin worms.
I just loved the colour of this.

These are the faces of Little Anne-the CPR practice model. The man who invented Little Anne lost his daughter Anne in a drowning accident because nobody knew what to do. I think that using the model really helps it to stick in your mind. I hope so.
The course was run by Mike Penny from the Widehorizons Trust and was an REC course.


Shell said...

I loved the pictures full of texture and color. I especially love the one of Pod the Pig!! So fat and cute.

Anonymous said...

What fun! I think it's great you took this class. I really enjoyed the pictures. Especially the ones of the cute animals!

Sarah said...

Hi Shell and Liz,
Pod the Pig is lovely isn't he? I had given him a scratch and was about to walk off. The picture is him following me for more love and attention! I love hearing the weird grunty noise a pig really makes, it doesn't sound at all like my imitation pig noise!

Anniebanannie said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my place!

Loved the pics. Pod the pig is great!

Lynne said...

Looks an interesting centre.
Great that you've done the first aid course.