Monday, 16 March 2009

Shakespeare Dolls

Andy informs me that my Bottom looks like the donkey from Shrek. I quite like the donkey from Shrek so I don't mind. I had a problem with his eyes which are obviously not a sort that can be cooked. Other than that I am quite pleased with him so far. One of the other heads is destined to be Titania-she may be striking rather than pretty! Not sure about the other two yet-I was thinking Ariel and Prospero but I don't really know the Tempest so I will have to do some reading first! My knowledge of Shakespeare's works is as my iron ring from yesterday's post-rusty!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Donkey from Shrek! Yours is too cute! I know absolutely nothing about Shakespeare... sad, huh.

Candace said...

Hello Sarah, wow, you have been incredibly and creatively busy. I am playing catch up and want you to know how I am enjoying your dolls. What fun they are! And each one has such personality. The style you have is your own, definitely, and you must keep up this good work!
(I agree with Liz. But I do know Shakespeare! lol.)
From The Hands Across The Water,

Janine said...

Looking good so far Sarah!

Lynne said...

I hope you show the dolls when you've finished them. What a great idea to do characters from Shakespeare.
Have you been getting the sunny weather of late?

Khaled KEM said...

It's a great idea to use Shakespeare characters to do these dolls.

Very creative Sarah. I guess that you can make a collection of different literature characters and let them talk to each other in a funny way using the quotes they use to say. Just a thought!

Brother Tobias said...

Nothing wrong with your Bottom, Sarah. I'm not so sure about Titania though...without hair, more 'sometime of the night' than roses and eglantine'? You should do a Puck too, with pointy ears.

Sarah said...

Thanks Liz! Watch some of the film versions-some of them are really good.
Thanks Candace-I am brushing up on my Shakespeare-and re-appreciating him!
Thanks Janine!
I will show them when they are finished, whenever that may be! Yes the weather has been lovely though it has got a bit colder tonight. The blossom is out on the trees which I love.
Thanks Khaled!
I would love to have a whole host of characters and have them engaging in literary conversations about the place! I would like to do illustrated photo stories with them too.
Thanks Roddy-my Bottom is making progress. My Titania is, as usual, sadly masculine and not the beautiful fairy Queen that is in my head. Maybe one day I will achieve that!