Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Trip To The Museum

Today we had our visit to the Horniman Museum, a great place full of wonderful things-musical instruments, sealife, masks, chickens, stuffed animals and skeletons. We were there mainly to see the aquarium, which the children loved. We had a spare ten minutes at one point so we went to see the stuffed animals which I was not at all sure they would be that interested in. They loved them! We saw a big bad wolf, a fox, skeletons and crocodiles. They loved relating the animals to stories they know. (Me too!) The jellyfish against their blue background were just dreamily beautiful.
There was a big tank of very pretty fish. I liked the variety and we had fun spotting different colours.
I like the accidental blurry effect of the next photo-like ghost fish!
This video is not from today. This weird dog like fish was in an aquarium we visited on Guernsey last Easter, long before blogging occurred to me! Isn't he strange? How can a fish look so much like a dog, and a particular breed of dog at that?!


Candace said...

Just wonderful, Sarah. Can that blue be any bluer??? I like the banner you have now with the jellyfish -- they look like otherworldly ballerinas with diaphanous gowns floating lazily about.
Looks like you had a great time.
Take care!
xo Candace

Janine said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah! I love to go to the zoo aquariums and what stands out is the jellyfish! Of course the Beluga whales are a favorite of mine too. I love your pictures!

Thanks for sharing

Sarah said...

No it's just so blue isn't it?!
I would love to see a Beluga whale Janine!

steven mcvay said...

that cake below looks incredible, and its been years since i last went to the horniman museum, even though its only a short bus ride away from where live..(hither green).

i will check out that blog you mentioned, and i think when i do list my quilts, they will be about the 40-50 dollar mark, i have to try, they are for sale in a shop in london for 45 pounds so that will be a good test to see if they sell for that..

catch up soon.x

kendalee said...

Oh those jellyfish are so beautiful! What a lovely day out... :)

Shell said...

Beautiful pictures. The blue with the jellyfish is awesome. Aquariums are luminous places aren't they?
I'm glad you like my new Mantra.

Anonymous said...

When we go to aquariums I always enjoy the jellyfish. They are so graceful.

That is so cool about the fish that looks like a dog. It even has puppy dog eyes.

Great pictures!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Love the pics of the jellyfish! :-)