Thursday, 24 September 2020

Autumn Wardrobes, Junk Shopping and a Racing Girl

I bought these two dolls ages ago, and they have been sitting around with no clothes, just covered with something or other the whole time. They are cheap versions of the very expensive ball jointed dolls and I have these two, a sleeping one, and a different long haired one. They are made in China, obviously, and I cannot decide about them. They have a cold prettiness, a vacant Stepford wife kind of stare and ridiculous shoes. But now they also have outfits. The stripey dress is from an old pair of my trousers I found in Mum's loft, and the handbag is from a chamoix leather I found under her sink. The rest of the clothes are crocheted. 
Cold, but stylish!
This is the other long haired one, and she has a dress made from one of Andy's old shirts. As I have been hand sewing, I try to use already existing seams to save time. She has a stretchy diamante necklace as a hairband, and is sitting with Daddy bear from the three bears from Portobello market with Linda Sue. They are very firmly stuffed bears, probably with sawdust, and are very well made, all with slightly differently shaped faces. They originated in Belgium. The crown is from Linda Sue and the bear loves it. . 
Here is the sleeping one and her outfit. She is a little scary. 
The difference in expression and the feeling they give off couldn't be greater than between the China girls and the Girlettes. They are obviously warm and friendly and wouldn't mind getting mud on their clothes. They all have new hats, as the winter is coming and they want to be warm when we go on visits. Racer wanted an R on her hat, and Madeline just wanted a colourful one. Minnie wants to be ready for Halloween, so went for a green witch's hat. 
Minnie and Madeline waiting for their individual photos.
A few spouts and handles from the beach, as you never know when you may need spouts and handles. The shopping trolley was £1 in M and S and the man was a good salesman. I nearly said no, but then thought the girls would like it. 
I found this book in the loft and brought it home for Racer. I think she likes it.



Steve Reed said...

I love Racer's book! What's the copyright date on that?

Glad to see everyone is now appropriately (and skillfully) clothed. :)

Linda Sue said...

The vacant expressions on the well clothed ball jointed dolls is somewhat appealing in that you really have no idea what they may be up to, the "sleeping one" looks well dead. I love the girlettes. They are well pleased with their new hats!
It is great to see Papa bear again. At the time when you spotted the family of bears, I thought "which ONE will she choose?" thinking that just one was the limit according to your pocket book...but in true champion form you bought the entire family, Keeping them together, on the settee, so happy overlooking their domain. I did learn something from that shopping experience- one NEVER splits up the family for a few more quid they can live together thanks to Sarah's generosity and kindness. The family of bears not being separated, ought to be applicable to humans on the border one would think. This world needs more Sarahs.

Sarah said...

I didn't think about copyright. Possible whoops! It is old-sixties but I don't know. I couldn't split up the bears and he did me a good deal! I am always against splitting up twins which seems to be common policy in early years settings but it seems so harsh to me when they are so young and so close. Togetherness!

Fresca said...

Oh, boy!!!!
Looks like Racer has taken full ownership of that book!!!
YOU are the best Custodian of Dolls!

Fresca said...

2/2. I personally have a far easier time seeing the spirit of life in the girlettes than I do in the BJDs.
I trust they have a spirit—all toys do, I think, but I don’t have access to it—they don’t activate their anima for me?—and so I experience them as inert.

However, I can see a glimmer of life when they wear the new clothes from you!
You are kind to dress them, and I bet they appreciate that.

Fresca said...

One more thing.
I wonder if the BJDs would like little boots made of soft leather... ?
I want to try making such boots from old glove leather, though my fingers are awfully thick for such fine work.

Love the bear too!
Your toys and art are full of goodness.

Fresca said...

At ay ay—I forgot to say—THE HATS❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m

River said...

Hi, I'm River, came over via Fresca to see your Girlettes and LOVE them and their outfits. I have a Girlette of my own now, her name is Meg and I'm awaiting delivery of a couple of extra outfits for her, she is currently still wearing the Equestrian outfit she arrived in.
(not a link)

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Serenata said...

Oh I know those girlettes! I follow their person on IG! I didn't realise they were coming to you - what fun! Having followed you for years now, but really slack on keeping up especially lately, and posting comments, I had to go back to read some of your previous posts as I thought they looked familiar.

Steve Reed said...

Oh, I wasn't think about copyright infringement or anything like that. I was just wondering how old it is. I'm sure showing a couple of pages in a photo could be classified as "fair use." :)

Sarah said...

Hi Fresca,
Yes I know what you mean. They look vacant but were fun to dress! I tried to make moccassins for the Girlettes from the leather but gave up as it was too difficult. Boots might be easier. I may give it a go. Glad you like the hats.
Girlette clothes are next. I have some lovely pieces of silk that I got years ago and found recently. All little pieces in different colours that were samples of furnishing fabric. They are perfect for tiny clothes.
Hi River,
Glad you have a Girlette of your own. I look forward to seeing Meg in her new outfits!
Hi Serenata,
Hope you are well and thanks for visiting!

Sarah said...

Thanks Steve! I looked-it is actually 1970.