Monday 28 September 2020

Lots of Pictures, Not Many Words

I take so many photos on my phone and am very bad at taking them off. I don't think I use the cloud, although I may be surprised. The cloud in a massive machine somewhere in a desert or something. Don't trust any of it. Anyway, I have taken some off the phone tonight, and here is a random selection of them. I started working in a new school in Camberwell this term. Some of the pictures are from wandering around there. It is a nice school so I don't mind the extra travelling too much. I have worked out how to wear my glasses and mask so they don't steam up and I can read. It makes a change anyway.

Gothic Court can't decide which font it likes best. 
This place makes mysterious things. I think it may be scenery or someone's art. 

Massive onions.
A dish of smaller glass dishes that recently went to the charity shop. Not sure why I took a photo of it but I just noticed my toes opposite the lion's toes on the rug.
Back to Camberwell. This bath full of red geraniums is in Bath Place. 
Madeline having her hat fitted.
                       uy67-this is Bolly's contribution to this post-he just ran across the keyboard!
A face in a paste jar, looking through the little window.
Back to Camberwell again. These are the pigeons of doom. That's what they made me think when I saw them all lined up against the dark sky.

This is Bearsted where my Mum lived. This part is the Green. Mum lived in another part but not far away, and I like visiting here as it is beautiful. 
Fresca, these are for you to see little boots. This is Naked Rupert. He came just with the boots, and that is what his label from the charity shop said. Well, it actually said, 'Naked Rupert, Not A Toy.' I have kept the label as it made me laugh!
I gave him a scarf so he is not so naked anymore. 
The view from the 18th floor in Lewisham where I am feeding cats this week. I could not live at this height!
Clay girl in a van near there. 
Man painting a mural today on Trafalgar Road. 
Amazing sunflowers just up the road that I saw when I was on my way to collect my car from Kwik Fit. I bashed the wheel rim and tyre on the kerb and gouged a chunk out of the tyre. I am so annoyed with myself. £150! I need to be more careful. 
But I did see sunflowers, and this lovely paint splatter near the garage, so something positive. 



Linda Sue said...

LOVE the 18th floor, FLY AWAY!!! naked Rupert looks satisfied with boots and a scarf, no pants. Great shots, walking around seeing what 'Sarah sees and take note of. Gothic Court, so that is where they come form! I just knew it would be ENGLAND! The toes meeting the toes, friendly!

River said...

I love that glass dish and I'm imagining it as a light fitting throwing rainbows around a room. I'm hopeless at knitting tiny things, but may try to make a hat for my Meg.

Steve Reed said...

Lots of interesting sights! Gothic Court is so NOT gothic. And Bath Place made me laugh! Someone's got a good sense of humor.

I used to want to live in a high-rise but it's hard for me to imagine now.

Fresca said...

I've been without my computer so haven't commented, but when I first saw the boots days ago, I squealed!
I want to make some!

Also, Madeline getting her hat fitted---so dear.

Thanks for all the good photos--I so enjoy your eye.