Wednesday, 30 September 2020

That Cloud Looks Just Like a Fish!

I like this page in my journal. It is the combination of watching a video about painting clouds, finding postcard of Dungeness Lighthouse, and saving a pretty label from a bottle of wine. The label once soaked had a sticky back, so I only needed to cut out the fish and stick it in. I blew the wet paint in the big cloud and it looks like seaweed so the fish can hide in that. 

 The video I watched was by Natasha Newton.  She is a Brtish artist that I like to watch from time to time as she is soothing and has good ideas. I found her when I was googling seaglass. She goes out and about as well as making art videos. The clouds are inspired by her and the other stuff is me!

I have reposted the two above photos as they are too tiny to see and I wanted them to sit next to each other like the journal pages. 

Here is a cloud quote I like from the book I am reading, 'The Go Between' by L.P.Hartley. 
The protagonist, Leo, is disturbed by an assymetrical spire in the landscape, which he notices during a cricket match.
 "But soon my eye, following the distressful spire into the heavens, rested upon an enormous cloud that hung there, and tried to penetrate its depths. A creation of the heat, it was like no cloud I had ever seen. It was pure white on top, rounded and thick and lustrous as a snow-drift; below, the white was flushed with pink, and still further below, in the very heart of the cloud, the pink deepened to purple."


Linda Sue said...

Pleased that fishie has a safe place to hide in the sea weed cloud.
Your fish is quite a character, I would love his/her company.He/she looks sincere. That is a very cool entry!

Steve Reed said...

It's a very surreal piece of artwork -- is it land or sea? Hard to tell! A glittery fish is always a good thing.

Fresca said...

I'm always amazed at writing that captures physical details.
How to describe a cloud?
LP Hartley did a good job of it!

Nice pages! I love the gold accents on your fish.