Thursday, 30 July 2020

Views From Queues

A missed turning led me past posters that I liked in New Cross. (Stationary in traffic when taking 
pictures) Intermission from life? More like a channel change/new programme.
I like the three above. Especially 'Don't be an arsehole. 'What I don't like is new blogger. This is the first post I have done since it changed. It is highlighting my writing in blue and underlining. No idea why. I just don't understand why there is this need to change things which work perfectly and are easy to use. This is now reminding me of Microsoft Publisher which I can't stand, or in fact use. It moves things around with no predictability. I can't underline it. Oh well.  It is still underlined on here, but not on the blog. Weird. It is a link to the above photo. Don't know how it happened. 

Buy one pizza, get one free. That's too much pizza for me. I didn't notice that though as the grafitti saying 'No Fascists in Deptford' caught my eye. 

Kites over Blackheath. (In the next queue)
Stern face. (In a queue to the charity shop at temporary traffic lights where I sat for about ten minutes.)Then the charity shop was shut. I was donating, so took the bags home again. 


Linda Sue said...

Blogger tried to switch me over but i chose not to, not sure how long that will last. I tried the new one but it is a case of "If it is not broken, fix it" I do not like it at all, it is awkward.
Views from the car, speedy Sarah! I am fond of the stern head/face. That is a lot of responsibility holding up that entire arch.

Steve Reed said...

I think charity shops are a bit overloaded at the moment.

If you highlight that linked text and then hit the "link" button I think it will remove the link to the photo. (While keeping the photo.) New Blogger is a bit of a mystery in many ways but I can generally make it work. This morning, though, for some reason, it wouldn't even load the compose screen and I had to revert to Legacy Blogger.

Sarah said...

Thanks Steve, I wil try it!

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