Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Never Mind The Blu Tack

I made this over the last couple of days, and had fun doing so. I sometimes plan things I intend to make in some detail, but at other times just get on with it and play. This is what I did here. The initial idea came from some lovely William Morris crafting papers that I took from my Mum's house. I wanted to use them as wall papers in the spaces in this wooden thing that I have had for a long time. Then I thought vaguely of making little scenes using the tiny people I used in my book houses. Then I remembered a little thing I made at the beginning of lock down with a tiny man staring at the word 'future' in a small space. He is on the bottom right, along with a horoscope for Libra which I found in the newspaper where I got the other words from. The words are all linked to  the current situation in my mind, and I illustrated them with whatever I could find. I used distress ink on the papers to make them look old.
In the tiny bedroom, with the words 'night cocoon', are some books I found when I was looking for stuff to use. I had forgotten all about them. They were from Etsy a long time ago, for one of my dolls houses and actually have what looks like tiny print inside, and one has pictures.

 This room is a good example of why I called it what I did. I was impatient and didn't have time for glue. It also gives the option to change the rooms if I want to.
 The little fish brush rest is also from Mum's.
 This room took the longest. I made a bed from a sweet box of 'Fairy Dye'. I used a piece of pipe stem for the pillow, and a horrible pearl button for the bulb.
 The picture is a stamp from a job lot of them I have had for ages. I coloured the masks with alcohol markers. The writing says 'visitors in masks'. From the 24th the government is making mask wearing compulsory in shops, as it has been on public transport for a while. (In England-the rules for each country of the UK are all slightly different) I have been wearing a mask in shops (the few I visit) for a while now. There has been a lot of discussion about mask wearing and complaints about the government's unclear attitude leading up to the change in the rules. I think anything that may help is worth a try.

I have had these sequins for ages too. These people are glued as I was making something else that never got finished.
 The mask is a piece of tissue paper from a present from my friend. The sitting down man's stool is a piece of blu tack with wool wrapped around it.

 The rabbits in the 'culture of fear' room are from a box of farm animals that Linda Sue sent me. They are perfect! Henry's cat leaping out at them from the wall made me laugh.
The seat is a piece of electrical ceramic found on the foreshore. 


Linda Sue said...

Oh this , all of this!! It is glorious all of the vignettes- what fun. The papers that your mother had are perfect! I am sure that you miss her every moment of every day. Maybe it helps a little bit to put things to use that were held by her, She would be charmed by this wonderful shelf box of people doing things and the sensible mask wearers. The rabbit and the cat are very funny. Clever Sarah! LOVE

Fresca said...

Wonderful, wonderful!
I enjoyed looking closely at every bit of it, the orange-red masks, the masked baby postage stamp, the crowned lion---best of all, for me, the room with the books. Night Cocoon!

what a neat box--perfect for this. I feel like I'm looking at a cutaway of an odd sort of apartment building, everyone in their cubicle.

Funnily enough, last week I bought blue tac for the first time. I've never used it. Usually my girlettes use whatever's around the help them hold awkward positions, but it I'm going to work with NINE of them at once, I think something better suited is called for.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

You are wonderfully creative! A clear outside-the-box thinker/seer/doer.

Gonna go look again. :D

Thanks for the fun!

Steve Reed said...

What a creative undertaking! You seem to have captured so much of our current times in these whimsical scenes.

I feel just as you do regarding masks. If there's even a chance it will help, why not roll with it?

Neighborhood Watch said...

I really love this!