Sunday, 19 July 2020

Sunday Morning

These were not all taken on a Sunday morning but they look like they should have been!
Cassie on her cushion on the table. 
 Oliver is very good at funny sleeping poses. (Some more examples at the end.) The grey blanket is his favourite. He does the paddling paws on it. Anything that produces that effect becomes the mummy something-mummy blanket, rug, jumper. Cassie has a mummy rug and Lily has a mummy jumper.
  Lily's favourite place.

More Oliver!


Fresca said...

Chacha is gorgeous! That's a long time for a cat to be alone--lucky he has you to play with him.

Oliver wins for poses!
I've gotten a bit bored photographing the cats I'm sitting:
they are not very athletic (in the heat, anyway) or inventive in their posing.

I admire all your different textiles---rugs, cushions, throws... So much color and texture. Wonderful!

Linda Sue said...

Is that Santa on a bike cushion? Antony? The cats are amusing, and comfortable. Chacha is a movie star! Lucky he/she has you! You are a good cat whisperer. I want to be your cat next time around. LOVE the photos- it's like me seeing my grandchildren's photos! Cassie and Lily, my very shy grandchildren.

Steve Reed said...

Chacha is a beautiful cat. As is Oliver, of course -- especially with the daisy! And Cassie looks very comfortable (and colorful!).