Sunday, 5 January 2014


Happy New Year! A few days late but still. The best thing about the new year so far is the sweet sound of a properly flushing toilet. The flush broke just before Christmas, straight after the toilet leak from upstairs funnily enough (ha ha) and has been dealt with by bucket ever since. The plumber came yesterday and did a great job, also replacing our kitchen tap with a brand new one which means that cold water is now available without the help of a pair of pliers! 
Here are some tangled pictures from the old and the new year. 
I took advantage of the sunny Sunday last week to cut down the fennel and take it to the tip. It is a pleasant job chopping fennel as it smells so good. It is also easy to snap and pile into large bags to transport, and has no unpleasant properties such as prickliness or whippiness.
A painting by my friend (we stayed with her and her family on new year's eve). I just love it and it does fit very well into the theme of tangled. 
A ball of yarn produced on my new yarn winder. I had no idea what one of these was until visiting my friend's studio, and immediately ordered one. I have a lot of cones of thin yarn bought from charity shops and they are a pain to crochet from, and involve me hand winding a ball if I want to double the thickness. No more!
The dragon tree on the window sill. The way the leaves crossed and made neat rectangular shadows caught my eye.
Hyacinth roots in the bulb glass also on the windowsill. 
My first ever attempt at darning. I used the wooden mushroom I have had for ages. The blue socks are hand knitted and  from Skye, and were expensive so now I feel good about having prolonged their life. The pink ones are from TK MAXX and less pricey but still worth saving.
The ends left from my current crochet project. 
The colours are so pretty and look almost better as ends than as the work itself.
A rocket from new year. We went up to our friends in the midlands-friends from college who we don't see very often and it was lovely! Back to work tomorrow. Trying to stay positive about that!


Lynne said...

Happy New Year Sarah. I love your theme of tangled. But I especially like the image of the blue yarn on the yarn winder, lovely pattern.

Linda Sue said...

The rocket looks like a thin wooden sculpture on my monitor, Love your yarn winder! Makes such a pretty ball! I wish you the best new year! I hope to see you sometime before it runs into 2015! I am thinking about a trip to France in September , it is on the back burner...

kristin said...

i love this themed post too! that painting is quite amazing...looks so real. Happy New Year! We've had an extended holiday here due to freezing's -24 degrees so we are all staying warmly tucked in our homes. good luck going to back to work.