Thursday, 9 August 2012

Crochet News

I have been branching out in my crochet recently, and am excited to have learned some new things. My friend Clare taught me how to do Granny Squares, so I have been doing lots of them. Different sizes and yarns, and beginning to find out how to do different types. I have made a blanket for a doll-for the daughter of someone at work, which is what you can see in my header. I have made them out of delicate sock yarn, and more chunky stuff too, such as this cheap and cheerful acrylic which came free with a magazine. For acrylic it is very soft and quite nice to work with.
 My next new discovery is filet crochet. It is squares forming a mesh and is very easy to work. You can leave the squares empty, or fill them up, forming patterns or pictures. This is my first go, so I have just made some blocks but I can't wait to try more. This is a very fine alpaca, and so is taking quite a while (it is going to be a scarf). I would like to try it with a thicker yarn next.
 The next stitch I have learned is fishnet stitch. So easy! Basically just chains joined together by single crochet stitches at regular intervals.
 A James Bond villain is trying to muscle in on my crochet time, but I won't let him!
 This is the way the end of our sofa looks at the moment, as a result of all the crochet experimenting. Oh dear!


Jenny Woolf said...

Those Afghan squares in bright and pretty colours lift my heart just to see them!

Carole Reid said...

Hi Sarah....LOVE all the crochet experimenting you are up to! Ha ha....James Bond! Too funny. Have a good week. xo Carole

Unknown said...

Clever you, what a great project to learn. Love the James Bond yarn..LOL

Linda Sue said...

I have wondered where you have been...I see! I love the open fishnet stitches.If that is done is wool and then fulled it might come out in a very interesting felty thing.

Mary S. Hunt said...

one of my valued possessions is a granny square quilt my grandma did when i was little..

snoopydogknits said...

YAY! You're becoming a 'woolly', or should I say, more of a woolly!!! The little squares look great! Ros

Kat Mortensen said...

I finally dragged out my crochet hooks and some yarn that I found at a thrift store (with lovely gold threads) and yesterday, I made a small case for my iPod. Whoo hoo! Originally it was going to be a sock, but then it started looking like a little pouch and so, there it was.

I really need to learn some new stuff beyond the usual chain stitches. I am encouraged by your efforts, Sarah. The granny squares are lovely.