Friday, 29 June 2012

Olfactory Heaven

I sat in the garden after work, listening to the wind, and enjoying the plants. There are wafting scents of jasmine and honeysuckle, which mix with the scent of the chamomile if it is stepped on. There are other lovely plants to sniff, if you crush them a little-lavender, fennel and bay, a mixture of delicious thymes and a santolina. We have no upstairs neighbours temporarily, so it is especially lovely to be in the garden as nobody is overlooking us. I have a day of work planned tomorrow, then, hopefully, a day of sitting in the garden on Sunday. I hope your weekend is lovely!


Leenie said...

Wonderful rain sounds! Loved the video of all the happy plants. SOMEDAY there will be a way to send those wonderful scents along as well. Your chamomile project turned out most excellent.

Carole Reid said...

I wish the wind would blow the rainclouds away from Vancouver Island. It's a good day for "IN"! I hope Sunday is glorious for you. xo