Saturday, 7 February 2009

Working, sorting, tidying, shopping, sleeping and A Year of Colour

The title is a minimalist description of my day. The work was school related, the sorting and tidying are new kitchen soon to be done and need space to do it in related, the shopping was just for necessities and the sleeping was headache related. I felt the need to do a bit of relaxing blogging before bed!
I have signed up for A Year of Colour with ArtsyMama
Each month she has invited a guest artist to show a project using a different colour. There are lots of other blogs to look at and I have enjoyed looking around. I decided to have a separate art journal for it and this is it. I have since finished the cover with some more colour. I have done a couple of pages for blue (January) and a couple for pink (February) I am not really a pink person so have found it a hard colour to be inspired by. Elizabeth at About New York had a pink day the other day which I liked.
I love white gesso-the rough texture it gives a surface is so lovely to work on. I used dip pen and ink and watercolour pencil.
This is the back cover. The rainbow windmill at the top of the post is at school and, the other day, when out on a colour walk with the children, I realised I work in a pink school (you can just see the roof in the background) The nursery is a separate building and is blue.
These ribbons are for swirling around to develop arm muscles for writing (in case you were wondering!)


Anonymous said...

Love your art work!

Anairam said...

I have found the things I've signed up for (currently T-A-D) very inspiring and helping to give a bit of direction to some of my creative wanderings. I can see your Year of Colour is going to do the same for you! I like the lettering and faces you have done on your journal!

Candace said...

Sarah, as always, I am simply beside myself visiting your blog today. "A Year of Colour" -- how wonderful a thing to set one's cap towards.

Your drawings as well as the ribbons and lettering are fantastic and so visually arresting. Thanks much for sharing!
Your Friend in Athens

Lynne said...

A year of colour. Sounds great, I must go and investigate. You seem to be throwing yourself into things at present.