Saturday, 14 February 2009

Mix and Match

This is the doll I am making at the moment-a green lady from the ancient forests that used to cover this country. She is staring at the future where there may not be enough trees for her to hide amongst. On Wednesday it was my brother Antony's birthday. I sent him a birthday email as he is travelling somewhere-possibly Kuala Lumpur. He has an amazing little sketch book that he has taken on his travels with him, and this is one of the pictures he did when in India. Uploaded on its side! Happy Birthday Antony! This is a recent doll who took a long time to emerge. I found some lovely seaside fabric which spurred me on to finish her. I made a sculpey life ring for her in case she falls into the briney. Her hat is supposed to be like one of those great flowery swimming hats from the 70s. I actually wanted one of those!
This next picture, a knitting pattern picked up for 20p in the Cats' Protection League shop was bought specifically as a cheering up aid. Designed to work a bit like the picture of Philip the Kitten in 'The Mighty Boosh' except for sadness not anger. Please feel free to copy it and use as necessary.
Last of all in this mix and match post is the next installment from my Forest School training. On Friday morning I went to observe a session run by our trainer Lucy. It was great-I loved the way the children are able to explore and choose what to do without too much adult intervention. We are there to ensure safety but other than that it is up to them to lead.
In this picture a group of boys make the most of a muddy puddle.These two are making it rain by shaking the fir trees.

Happy Valentines day too.


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Love the sneak peek into your brother's journal! What beautiful work! :-)

Shell said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Sarah. I love your Green lady. I see the talent runs in the family with your brother's work.

Anonymous said...

Wow.... your brother is very talented! You guys have definitely inherited a creative gene. I love your little green lady... so is too cute!

Janine said...

Your dolls are just wonderful!!!

FYI, my brother's birthday was Wednesday too! LOL!

A.Smith said...

Happy Valentine's Day my dear Sarah. And thank you so much for understanding how I felt about the fires in Australia. You have a kind and gentle heart and that is all it takes for an artist to see the beauty in all things. Your art is evidence of that truth.
(And your brother's is amazing as well. What an eye and what a hand!)

Linda Sue said...

Amazing dolls- sculptures, actually- Love the wall eyed seeing of the green one! She knows something!
I DID have on of theose swimmers hats when I was a child- totally goofy!

Khaled KEM said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the kind words. happy Birthday to your brother, the talent is in the blood. Nice freaky Forest Doll.
It is always a pleasure when you stop by my blog.

Anairam said...

Two very creative siblings! The dolls are so beautiful, Sarah! What are the heads made of? Is it a kind of clay that you bake? Do you write a litle story for each of them? The forest doll looks sad, I hope she is not seeing too many trees disappearing ...

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

love that doll headi am enamored with your work...i wil return for more...miss fancful lead me to you...hugs, rebecca

Renee said...

Sarah: To your lucky duck winners of the OWOH, all I can say is lucky ducks.

Your brothers journal page is incredible. Wow.

I love love love your doll and the best thing is that I totally remember that water hat. I wanted one so bad, but it was never to be.

Wonderful blog.

Love Renee

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic journal. I like your tree doll and I especially like the doll with the white flowers on her head!! And the fairy feller below too:) Look forward to seeing more!

Lynne said...

You must come from a talented family, judging by your brother's work, (and yours of course). And that's just a sketch book?

Sarah said...

What lovely comments you have all left-thank you!I shall pass on your compliments to Antony next time I see him. I will put some more of his pictures up sometime too. A bit of background about his book-he has done a lot of travelling recently and has taken the book everywhere with him, recording lots of the beautiful and fascinating things he has seen. His pictures are often really detailed and rich and the book is a treat. Each time he goes off again I ask him if he is going to take it as each time it would be worse if it was lost. My Mum has photographed the whole thing I think anyway!
That's ok Allegra-it has been an awful time for so many people and the way it was described on the link you had put just brought it home even more.
Linda Sue I am jealous of your hat!
The clay is air drying Anairam. I sort of have a little story or background in my head when I am making the dolls. The ones on Etsy have little biographies.
Thanks again for all the lovely comments-I am touched.
Sarah x

Anonymous said...

You dolls look great - I love their headresses! (My book isn't really flailing - just taking me much to long to finish! It's a novel, but I do hope to write a children's book someday....)

eb said...

what wonderful treats here - I feel as if I am one of those mud puddle boys - jumping with glee - love your dolls and your brother's journal images - yummy!

ps - I have a Green Queen doll - out and about on a round robin - perhaps I will e-mail you the link to her

xox - eb.

ps - come dream with me anytime

Flor Larios Art said...

Hi Sarah,

I was looking at my older posts and saw that you were one of the first ones to write in it. I was so happy then...and I am still happy everytime I receive a comment.
Thank you so much!
I like your paper dolls, they are so tiny and cute, I am sorry I missed your giveaway :(
Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway...see you there!

Candace said...

Sarah, what an excellent post! It's obvious from your brother's journal that artistry runs through the whole family.
Love love LOVE the GreenWoman. Surely she will have trees. Of course, she will! gosh, this photo just pops out at us, doesn't it?
Just a wonderful visit with you here. Thanks as always for opening up your world to your blog pals.
Your Friend in Athens

barbe said...

"This is two kittens in a barrel, look at them in there, having a whale of a time. You see the one on the left? He's called Phillip. Now when you look into Phillip's eyes your anger will recede like an ocean...."

CLASSIC!!! Love your brothers sketches, really gorgeous work.

Laume said...

Your tree nymph and your bathing beauty are both gorgeous. As are your brother's images. Wow, it must run in the family!

Deirdra Doan said...

How fun...the bathing flower cap! And the paintings in the Indian journal....