Friday, 27 February 2009


I spent a surprisingly pleasant hour or two putting back our food into the new kitchen cupboards. My Dad has spent the last week or so installing the kitchen and has done a lovely job. As I was putting the food away I was amazed at how many diferent types of rice Andy has stock piled-risotto, paella, sushi, long grain, pudding and a few more I can't remember. Andy obviously treats food supplies like I do art supplies-covering any eventuality.
Then I came to the tinned fish. The tins are so pretty. The ones you can buy in France are even prettier.
I liked this noodle packet. It looks very cartoony. We have about eight of these.
Then I came across some of the things I wish he would throw away-I honestly think we are never going to eat this little jar of cockles. Or this-it is a tin of razor shells that Andy bought in Madrid seven years ago. Seven years! I can't imagine what the contents are like. He is watching me type-Andy-throw them away!
I have put the spices in alphabetical order. I even wrote their names on top with permanent marker. Now they need never be messy again. Next I must deal with the huge pile of other kitchen stuff in the back room. We have managed without it for ages so what is it for? I am going to be ruthless and give lots to the charity shop.
If you ever come round I promise I won't offer you Navajas or cockles. Maybe rice though...


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your kitchen finished. Those fish tin are pretty! I think it's time for the razor shells to be thrown away. I would not want to open those!

Anji Gallanos said...

Your house would be fun for dinner. Isn't it funny to go through your cupboards and see what is in the far reaches. Enjoy your new cabinets.


Lynne said...

Hi Sarah, How are you and Andy doing?

A new kitchen, how lovely. I have rediscovered risotto rice this week and have vowed to use it regularly. I use the pudding rice lots. It's a good way of warming us up in snowy Sweden, plus it's one of Mike's favourite puddings.

I know what you mean about the fish tins. I have an empty anchovy tin on the kitchen window sill. It is a lovely pink colour, and I'm sure I could use it to create something. What do you think?

Here in Sweden you can buy fermented fish in a tin. I'm told it is very strong both in taste and smell. But I don't think I want to be anywhere near it if someone was to open a tin.

Sarah said...

You are right Liz! I think Andy is coming round to that way of thinking.
Thanks Anji! It would be fun as long as I didn't give you cockles. I would like to cut down a bit on what is in the cupboards but Andy likes to keep a certain stock in case of some kind of disaster.
We are doing ok thanks Lynne.
I love risotto too. And rice pudding is delicious and so easy!
That fermented fish in a tin sounds disgusting! Andy has something called Dashi which is some kind of fermented fish and smells awful! Yes do make something from your tin! I finally recycled some lovely little olive tins that were hanging around. I couldn't bring myself to part from a little maple syrup tin shaped like a log cabin though so I sneaked it back in the cupboard!

Lynne said...

The foul fish is called surstromming (sorry I can't get the 2 dots over the o, my Swedish language bit has been uninstalled!) It used to be buried in the soil, and it is the earth that gives it it's 'characteristic and unique flavour and smell'. Though I'm sure that is not the way it will be preserved now, surely?
Glad you're both doing okay.

Janine said...

LOl Sarah! Your fish tins are much prettier than ours in the States! If I had tins like that I'd be eating more sardines! Andy's collection of rice sounds a bit like mine!

Congratulations on your new kitchen!


Helen McCookerybook said...

I've got a tin of octopus called 'Isabel'. She didn't think it was at all funny.
Maybe me and Andy could make razor clam and octopus on toast for you Sarah!

Candace said...

Oh my goodness, what a great and fun post! So glad you have the new kitchen. The way Andy has stocked up and the way you have laid them out here, it's like a totally different art project, isn't it? Well, good food is a type of art, too.
I am also a rice and noodle nut. And a good pantry with essentials cannot be beat.
Love love love those fish tins.
Take care!

Katie Jeanne Wood said...

Cockles? hm..will have to google that. :) Not familiar with tins of fish since I'm vegan, but they are really pretty. The tins..not the fish. :D

Katie Jeanne Wood said...

oh! cockles are candy? wow! i like candy. mmm! :)

BonnyBadger said...

This has made me laugh! Andy is so funny.

Laume said...

How fun. They packages are pretty, especially all organized together like that. I don't even know what cockles are - I think they're sea related?

Anonymous said...

Isn't a newly organized kitchen so nice? How nice for you to have a new kitchen! I've never tried cockles, as I'm not big on fish or seafood, throwing them away sounds like a good deal :D Have a good week Sarah!