Thursday, 12 February 2009

One World One Heart Winners!

One World One Heart has come to an end. Lots of people have met lots of other people and some people have won a little something too! I am still visiting blogs-there are so many, and am looking forward to revisiting lots too. Thanks Lisa for hosting such a fun event. I look forward to next year! I decided to write my commenters on a list and cut it up to draw my winners.
I then folded the little pieces of paper and placed them into a fishy dishy.
It was too small however, so I placed them into a larger receptacle...
Here are the names I pulled out. I had so many lovely comments that I decided to send two more tiny dolls out into the big, wide world.
Feyi will go to live with Latharia in Illinois.
This slightly sad tiny doll will be cheered by going to live with Sandra in America.
Little red head girl is off to visit Vickie in Montana.
Illonka from Cologne, of Kreativgeschwafel will adopt Little Miss Pouty.
Finally this tiny doll with a big heart will go to live with Angie in Port Neches, Texas.
They are all so excited to be flying off around the world!
I hope everyone enjoys meeting their paper dolls and that the tiny doll owners find suitable names for them.
Before I go I also wanted to show you this lovely card that I received today from Nancy, one of the OWOH participants-as a thank you for taking part. It's a lovely card, thanks Nancy!


Latharia said...

I am so excited to give Feyi a home! Thank you so much! I will make sure she is well looked after & has lots of great adventures!

Sarah said...

Thanks Latharia!

Anne said...

Congratulations to all the winners! :-)

AngieHallHaviland said...

Thank you so much, Sarah!! SO EXCITED...she's WONDERFUL

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of the winners! Those dolls are just beautiful!

Candace said...

Wow, you have been busy like a bee. Congrats to all the lucky winners of your beautiful creations! I have two and they are very best friends now, sitting in a very special place in the studio, together.
Art makes such a difference. I hope to be able to participate next time...
back to work for me! Have a great great weekend.
Your Friend

eb said...

I LOVE your paper dolls!

what lucky winners

xox - eb.

Ces Adorio said...

Ah you are so generous and obviously had lots of fun doing this. I did not join because I did not find out about it until later, however, I loved seeing everyone's generosity. - artistic and creative people sharing their wonderful work of art.

Thank you for stopping by mt blog and leaving a sweet comment.

steven mcvay said...

hello, been a while since i last checked out your blog, and im sad its been like that because having just scrolled through your many fab posts it seems i have been missing out, firstly the snow was fab wasnt it, we have many similar photos, and i too built a snowman on my bin, although mine was about 10cm tall. and i love your street pictures, but my fave thing has to be the picture you made for the 2 yr old girl, soo lovely, you should so sell them in yr shop..i love the alphabet all around the girl.

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! You can see a picture of the Cuttlebug here:

Sarah said...

Feyi is packed and ready to go on Monday! She is very excited!
Thanks Anne. I saw a cuttlebug today in Hobbycraft-looks great-I will save up for one.
Tiny dolls also packed and ready!
Thanks Liz!
Thanks Candace-you have a good weekend too!
Thanks Eb and Ces!
Thanks Steven-nice to hear from you! I loved the snow. I think your snowman must hold a record for the tiniest one.

Sweetina said...

Hello Sarah!
You have made very sweet paper dolls! What a fabulous giveaway! I am sure the winners will be very excited to meet their well travelled new friends when they arrive! Beautiful job!