Monday, 2 February 2009

Snowy Day

The lovely snow has given me and lots of others a day off from work and a chance to get out and about and actually smile at people! There was a large snowball fight in my street this morning and a few communal snowmen being built! I like this Bob the builder with his traditional carrot nose. There was only a glimmer of sun for a while but other than that it has snowed steadily and been quite bleak. Lovely though! The red traffic light looked really vibrant against the grey.
I love these houses on the edge of Blackheath, whatever time of the year.
The crows looked suitably dramatic in the trees of Greenwich park.
Snow written with snow-an artistic teenager was walking a bit in front of me and was making patterns and this bold word on the wall with handfuls of snow.

This squirrel was the perfect creature for the amateur wildlife photographer as he very obligingly posed while I faffed around with my camera. He is probably eating one of the acorns I was searching for recently.
Here he is again on a different part of the tree.
This is the flower garden in the park-today transformed into Narnia.
Quite an ant like snowman.
A man on skis!
I liked the bright colours and the symmetry here.
A lot of the wrought iron gates I saw looked just beautiful.

The church just on the other side of my road.
My blue glass cat is looking especially pleased with himself today!


Candace said...

My goodness! You must have gotten all my snow for the count. LOL.
My friend Jeanne whom I visited while in your neck of the woods says it's rather at a standstill there. You and Andy and the Kits take care.

I so enjoyed all your photos. Love the Blackheath architecture. The gates were especially lovely too, but those trees against the sky were just incredible.
Well done!
Your Friend.

Shell said...

I enjoyed your pictures, Sarah. I felt as if I am with you on your walk. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of all the snow. It looks like you guys got quite a bit. Enjoy it!

Diane Rooney said...

So funny, Sarah, I just posted a similar post and called it "Snow Day" ha!... Glad you got to enjoy the snow somewhat! x

Anairam said...

I especially love the shot with the red phone booth and the yellow bins, and the one above it - it looks so cool, almost like those elements are 'coloured in'!

Laume said...

That's right, you guys are having crazy weather for London! Isn't it fun to get outside and walk around in it, grinning at everyone and taking photos. One of my favorite ways to spend a snowy day. The other way doesn't involve actually going out in it, it's more a tea and window sort of relationship. Anyway, you got some FANTASTIC shots! Love all the grill shots. And the SNOW written on the wall. All of them, really. Thanks for putting up so many for us to see. You do know that's only a moderate snowfall for here, right? Hehe.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone again! Yes Laume I have seen far more snow on yours and other blogs than we had here but it is a lot for us! That's why we can't cope!