Friday, 28 November 2008


This week has been weird and busy-I might even say pressured-hence the title-this is how my brain feels! Good things have come out of it though. Ofsted was ok (my part of the school-the early years-didn't get observed as we were ok last time(last November)) The rest of the school has been judged as making 'satisfactory improvement' which in normal speak is fine. Thanks for wishing us well on here-I think it helped! This is Candace, my friend from the internet who I met tonight in real life. She is lovely and I was so pleased we managed to get together. I look forward to future meetings Candace!
This is a little glimpse of my yule swap.
These are my next two dolls-as I said before, I have no control-they come out as they come out!
The one with the red eyes was the result of me forgetting I had bought some eyes and so ripping it open to add them after having already stuffed it. The stuffing spilled out and I could not repair it properly. It looks like an old lady and I quite like that. Will paint it soon and see what happens.
A section of my paper doll swap with Inge on Les Petite Dolls
The delightful and colourful mess that me and the children make when we are colour mixing with powder paints. They love it. I love it. Boys who never normally paint love it!
The work of the amazing Britney in nursery-she does paper dolls and no one has ever told her how . I love watching her work-she uses materials really imaginatively-I would love to see what she is coming up with in 20 years time if this is what she can do now.
A picture from this great book. This is for Steven to have a glimpse of the interior of Gambardella's as mentioned previously.This is a cafe I have been to on City Road in London. I liked the picture as it reminded me of that Edward Hopper painting of the diner at night. My cafe-obviously.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how your new dolls are going to turn out.

That is fantastic that you got to meet one of your internet friends.

Diane Rooney said...

Oh that's so cool meeting your online friend. I've done that a couple of times now and it's so great. In fact, that's how I met my husband. We were part of the same online art community and gallery; struck up a friendship; literally met up and moved in together on the same day and were married 6 months later! x

Sarah said...

That's great that you met your husband like that. It was quite strange seeming but, at the same time, quite natural. Love your wintery photos of your parents' garden.

Candace said...

Oh Sarah, why can't I look that good in all my photos? LOL. I love this blog of yours. So inspiring and so fun. WOW, that Britney is an amazing artist already.

Take care and it was good to meet you -- more than you know.

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

I just love the painting of the paper doll face. Beautiful haunting eyes! Happy Holidays.