Monday, 24 November 2008

Aaaargh Ofsted!

Oh no! I was getting on nicely. I have done quite a lot of my reports, I did my other work at the weekend and was feeling quite proud of myself. I have started something called "Three Week Challenge" as part of mixed media with Suzi Blu and have done what I need to for that, and then-OFSTED! They rang school today and are coming for a one day monitoring visit on Thursday. (OFSTED are school inspectors) We were inspected last year but they come back for little visits. I am trying to remain calm though and so have looked for some calming, happy memory pictures and here they are! In the summer I visited 'The Folkestone Triennial with Andy and Louise, our friend who lives in Brighton. It is a new event and was really good. It was a boiling hot day and we had a good time. Happy memories will help me to stay calm(I hope!) I can't remember which artist did these but I like them.

Who are they?
Louise trying to find out. Andy trying to blend in.
Wish me luck! Wish our lovely new head teacher luck too! Will be back with results at the weekend! Have a good week.


steven mcvay said...

dont worry about offstead, im sure all will be well, and tell me more about Gambardella's, that i read in your earlier post, me and my david love going out for breakfasts...where is this place ?

Anonymous said...

I hope everything with OFSTED goes good. I hate inspections like that. We have a similar thing in hospitals called JCAHO. They can shut a hospital down. We always do pretty good but they are very intimidating.

I love those suncatchers (i am assuming that is what they are). They are beautiful!

BonnyBadger said...

I can't believe you're being ofsteded again! OOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOO as the Nimmo would say

Steven - Gambardellas is just by The Standard Pub in Blackheath Standard. It's great.

Lynne said...

Hi sarah,
I hope the OFSTED visit went okay.
I've put a link to you on my blog as I used your idea to guess where I've been from the photos. Hope that's okay
Enjoy your weekend.

Diane Rooney said...

Hi Sarah, so nice to meet you too! I'm always keen to meet more UK artists/like minded souls online so was happy to see your info at SuziBlu's.

Really enjoyed your blog and finding out more about you and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!