Saturday, 1 November 2008

They look like creatures with their bendy heads

Don't look at the mess-post mopping! Tiger is wondering of I am going to chuck her out too like the poor old lamps. I didn't want to throw them out but they both broke, on the same day, at almost exactly the same time. We changed their fuses and their bulbs but to no avail. I went to B and Q and purchased two almost identical lamps. They are still working.

I have dismantled this one and think I will make a doll out of the shade. Or I will leave it in my ever expanding box of junk for a very long time.

In this photo the lamps are having one last go at being lamps, trying to look lit up. Poor things. The tip is waiting for them. Maybe I will dismantle them a little more and get the long metal tubes-bound to be good for something.


Anonymous said...

How creative. Most people would have just junk them.

Sarah said...

I will be junking what is left of them!